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Women’s Jewellery Network IWD Events Inspire Timely Industry Discussions

Two events hosted by the Women’s Jewellery Network (WJN) to mark International Women’s Day have raised crucial discussions in the UK trade centred on the opportunities for growth and development of women working in the UK industry. 
Held at London’s Goldsmiths’ Centre and Birmingham’s AnchorCert Academy, the WJN brought together figures from across the UK jewellery industry to discuss how the trade can better support and develop the careers and ambitions of women in jewellery, both now and in the future.
Victoria McKay, founder of the WJN, says: “Feedback from our attendees has been hugely positive – the discussions were challenging yet motivating, revealing the issues and concerns of women working in our industry, from internal competition, to loneliness and archaic company attitudes towards maternity and paternity leave. With many audience members staying behind to share their viewpoints and stories with guests and panellists, it was clear these two events achieved their aim – connecting women in the UK industry and inspiring open and honest discussions.”
During the Creative Links talk in London, conversation focused on mentoring, trade and employer support, and the evolving desires and expectations of women jewellery consumers. Beanie Major, founder of jewellery platform In Detail, was moderator of a panel that included award-winning British designer Alex Monroe, Emma Burgin, COO of the Alex Monroe brand, accessories designer and former WGSN accessories director Jacqui Ma, and Kate Flitcroft, head of jewellery sales at auction house Lyon & Turnbull. 
Tickets to the London event sold out within just three days, with guests from Garrard, the NAJ, Swatch Group, and the Financial Times in attendance, alongside a number of award-winning and emerging jewellery designers.
From here, the WJN will enter into a series of discussions with trade bodies with a view to working together to achieve positive outcomes for women in industry, with further localised events and meet-ups planned for WJN members in the second quarter of 2018.



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