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The Goldsmiths' Centre launches new online social media skills courses with Avocado Social

The Goldsmiths’ Centre has launched a new portfolio of social media courses designed specifically for jewellers, silversmiths and trade professionals to complete online in their own time and at their own pace.

Building on the success of our first self-paced course, How to produce high-quality videos on your smartphone using iDEC® with Brightest Bulb, we have teamed up with social media expert and Facebook-accredited trainer, Alison Battisby of Avocado Social, to help sole traders and small businesses to make the most of Instagram and Facebook.

Alison Battisby, Avocado Social

The series of online courses takes learners on a journey from novice to proficient through step-by step guidance and industry-specific case studies, with the aim of giving participants the confidence to establish their presence and boost their brand on social media.

Starting with the free taster session Introduction to Social Media, each subsequent video-based course can be accessed online for £69 as frequently as desired within a 1-month window from the comfort of a craftsperson’s workshop or studio. With more courses to be added to the series in 2022, jewellers, silversmiths and members of the industry will be able to keep learning about new social media platforms, like TikTok, WhatsApp and Pinterest, and start to effectively plan and apply their social media strategy.

“Social media has become key to engaging with current and potential consumers, and to effectively selling industry services and jewellery and silversmithing work. Whether you are UK based or international, the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s new social media courses, delivered in partnership with Avocado Social, offer a more flexible and convenient way to keep learning around work commitments online. With more courses coming on board this year, we are excited to see how our learners apply their new skills to shape their businesses, subsequently boosting their following, engagement reach and ultimately making more sales.”

– Chris Oliver, Head of Professional Training at the Goldsmiths' Centre

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