"ALL SET" an exclusive jewellery showcase at the Goldsmiths' Centre

‘ALL SET’ is a collection of eight new London jewellery designers who have spent the past year working together at London’s prestigious Goldsmiths’ Centre. The promising new independent brands will be presenting their new collections to the press and public for the first time on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th October 2018.

Each of these exciting new designers have been handpicked by the Goldsmiths’ Centre and put through ‘Setting  Out’, a year of intensive business, design  and product development training. The aim being  to transform creative talent into successful brands.

This year's cohort of eight talented designers showcasing their new collections are:


Rachel Balfour Jewellery

Rachel established her fine-jewellery brand with the belief that jewellery is much more than an accessory. She believes that the individual pieces we choose to wear have meaning and significance and are often an expression of love, loyalty and inner strength. Designed to last many lifetimes, her jewellery has a beautiful refined edge, as timeless as it is contemporary. Rachel’s latest collection is inspired by the art-work of Peter Max, an artist strongly associated with the counter culture and psychedelic movements of the 1960’s and 70’s.


Instagram: @rachelbalfouruk


SAM HAM is a new unisex fine jewellery brand  that is all about invoking humour, power and self confidence in people whatever their gender. Starting its journey 12 months ago in Clerkenwell, the brand reappropriates traditional notions of masculinity and femininity in all of its pieces. This October, SAM HAM is launching its second collection in 2 parts. BALLZ expands the initial collection from last year to include  cufflinks, bracelets, rings, pendants and necklaces. The pieces are all about standing your ground  and having  the stones to chase  what  you want. SHERIFF - a collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, cufflinks and brooches that play on the motif of the classic ‘Sheriff  Star‘, a symbol  of authority but with comic re-appropriations.

w: www.samhamdesign.com 

Instagram: samhamdesign 

Lukas Caspar

Lukas Caspar Jewellery is a London based fine jewellery brand founded by 3rd generation jeweller Lukas Caspar David Grewenig. The brand develops new innovative technologies and marries them with traditional craftsmanship to create moments of surprise.

The first collection makes the viewer  look for unexpected images mysteriously appearing on the pieces.  Specifically designed stone  cuts bring out unusual light reflections in rhodolites, tanzanites and sapphires. These pieces engage with the viewer’s curiosity and speak of the passion for the crafts and materials that went into making  them.

w: www.lukascaspar.com 

Instagram: lukascasparjewellery

Leonid Dementiev

The Leonid Dementiev brand is inspired by family heritage. Leonid’s great-grandfather was a talented blacksmith and silversmith in Don, the Southern region  of Russia. A self-taught master artisan, he was famous for highest levels of craftsmanship and quality. Leonid shares the same passion and work ethic. After earning a design degree at Central Saint Martins he worked  for several years developing his own unique style, studying the techniques of his ancestor and translating them  into works  of gold, pearls and gemstones. Leonid’s latest Fine Jewellery collection is handcrafted to honour  tradition, and inspired by cultures he encountered travelling the world. The jewellery is made with options of personalisation to wear every day and conceals hidden  details for the wearer to discover.


Instagram: leoniddementiev

Moznabi Jewellery

Roxanna Moznabi is a jewellery designer and goldsmith, making classically timeless pieces authentic to her Persian heritage. Having grown up in a western culture but having deep Persian roots, she connects the two worlds and creates exotic and contemporary designs. The new collection reflects the artistic and romantic cultural history of Persian designs, motifs and architecture, and was inspired by Roxanna’s first  trip to her native land. She creates an elegance and charm using warm colours and fluid forms, to build precious treasures that will be passed down through generations.

w: www.moznabijewellery.com 

Instagram: moznabi_jewellery

Jessica Pass

Jessica Pass London creates bold statement pieces inspired by the natural world.” Her latest collection ‘Curios’ is centred around humanity’s natural curiosity. When presented with a hinged trinket we feel a compulsion to discover what lies within. The collection consists of intricate hinged  pieces that contain  the unexpected. The pieces take the form of insects that adorn all areas of the body, ranging from large cocktail rings to cuff-links and tie pins, all opening to reveal a hidden secret.

Creating these jewellery pieces is a complex process involving CAD and hand skills, combining the traditional and new methods of making.

w: www.jessicapasslondon.com

Instagram: jessicapass.london

Ellis Mhairi Cameron

Ellis Mhairi Cameron is a Scottish fine  jeweller, whose work is inspired by her Scottish heritage. Created by hand  in her London studio, Ellis uses traditional techniques and hand skills to give her pieces their signature rugged aesthetic; as if pulled from the earth. At the foundation of Ellis’ brand is a belief in the ‘beauty of imperfection’ with hand car ving as a dominant manufacturing technique supporting signature surfaces and settings in precious metals and gemstones.


Instagram: ellismhairicameron

Mocielli Fine Jewellery

Malgorzata Mozolewska is a designer and artist.  After graduating from the Design Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, she worked in Marcel Wanders Studio in Amsterdam designing for brands like Moooi,  Allesi, Bisazza, M&S. When  she moved to London, she immersed herself  in the world  of jewellery, by studying Gemmology at GEM A and gaining all the skills needed to be a jewellery designer. Malgorzata then created the jewellery brand  Mocielli.

Falling in love with life lies at the core of Mocielli’s philosophy. Our lives are like our kingdoms and we are the rulers  - Kings  and Queens of every day, able to rule our lives towards happiness, joy and our secret  dream. Mocielli jewellery is created  to play a symbolic role in our lives and to offer continuous inspiration by creating meaningful objects that accompany us through life.

w: www.mocielli.com

Instagram: mocielli_jewels