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Women’s Jewellery Network calls for #NoGlassCeiling ahead of International Women’s Day event

The Women’s Jewellery Network - the UK’s only dedicated organisation supporting women in the UK jewellery industry - has launched a viral social media campaign to celebrate the ambition and drive of both the organisation and its members.

The bold image stating #NoGlassCeiling has been shared widely by those working in the UK jewellery trade, through social channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Representing the vision of the Women’s Jewellery Network (WJN), the campaign declares that no glass ceiling exists for women working in the UK jewellery industry, and that it’s time to shatter the illusion it ever did. 

“We have created #NoGlassCeiling to allow women to visually declare the viewpoint that the so-called glass ceiling designed to hold us back doesn’t exist — what does exist is our shared ambition and determination to grow our careers, businesses and skills to achieve true success in the UK jewellery trade.”

– Victoria McKay, founder, Women’s Jewellery Network.

The #NoGlassCeiling campaign ties into the WJN’s first social event on March 8th - International Women’s Day. The Women’s Jewellery Network In Conversation is an evening with leading figures from the UK jewellery and fashion industries, discussing the importance and opportunities that exist for women working in the UK trade.

Hosted in partnership with the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Creative Links series, the event on March 8th will feature jewellery storyteller and influencer Beanie Major, award-winning British designer Alex Monroe and Emma Burgin, COO of the Alex Monroe brand, Juliet Herd editor of Hello! Fashion Monthly, and Kate Flitcroft head of jewellery and silver at Lyon & Turnbull. 

“We are thrilled to kickstart our 2018 series of events with a very special evening at the Goldsmiths’ Centre, with a host of intelligent and insightful speakers that represent various facets of the jewellery trade and who themselves prove there is no glass ceiling. It is set to be a lively evening of exciting discussion as we build on the momentum seen globally to support women in achieving their dreams.”

– Victoria McKay

Women's Jewellery Network talk

Tickets to the event are live on sale limited to just 50. Priced at £10 including a glass of wine.