Rae Gellel
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The Goldsmiths' Centre pleased to partner with MoveForward

Founded in 2017 and aimed at young people aged 13 and up, the Islington and Kent based scheme hopes to foster serious career aspirations in its participants by tailoring its program to their specific interests.

Since these interests include a strong preference for art and design, a special visit to the Centre was arranged for the group, to get them thinking about the many exciting employment opportunities within silversmithing and the allied trades.

Beginning with a tour of the Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council 2017 Award Winners exhibition, students enjoyed some of the most spectacular examples of silver and metalwork on offer, before being briefed on the specific tools and processes involved in creating the finished pieces.

They glimpsed the Centre’s state of the art workshop spaces, and ended the day by applying their newly-gained knowledge to a practical task, creating necklaces, keychains and bracelets using acetone transfer onto copper.

These creations were then free for the students to take home, with many also gaining a genuine enthusiasm for metal-work, and an invaluable insight into the trade as a potential career.

“Mia has had a wonderful day, she has not stopped talking about it since she got in, she is really interested in doing it as a career.”

– Feedback from parents was also very positive

At the Goldsmiths' Centre, we are constantly exploring new ways to honour our commitment to young people, so were pleased that our time with  students was such a success. We hope to see many again in future on our Foundation and Apprenticeship Programmes. 

For more information out about how your class or organisation can get involved in our outreach work, visit our Schools and Teachers Programme