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Setting Out Participants 2016 Revealed

The Goldsmiths’ Centre is proud to reveal the new Setting Out participants for 2016. Every year we invite up to 10 young and aspiring jewellery designer/makers, goldsmiths and silversmiths to become part of our community through our tailored business incubation scheme. With the support and guidance from expert tutors, business consultants and guest speakers, past participants have successfully set up their own studios and won numerous prestigious competitions and awards. Take a look at this year's participants.

Yeena Yoon

Jewellery designer/maker

Having worked as a lead architect for the award winning design architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architect, AHMM and KPF, Yeena Yoon’s work is inspired by architectural explorations and ideas. She is interested in testing architectural language through the innovative use of traditional materials in relation to the body – in a search for a new form and its material expression. Her fascination to adopt traditional hand-making skills alongside digital technologies has led her to the Goldsmiths’ Centre.

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Emily Bedford

Jewellery Designer/Maker

A lifelong interest in dance and music fuels Emily Bedford’s interest in expression and communication. Emily launched her career in 2005 after completing a City and Guilds in silversmithing and enamelling at Sir John Cass. She immediately received commissions and went on to supply galleries in Japan, Ireland and the UK before taking up further City and Guilds in 2013. Her work is characterised by an organic quality with a natural fluidity which expresses her imagination. Resins, enamels, gold leaf, artist’s pigment, tsavorites and diamonds all express her love of colour. As a Setting Out participant Emily aims to develop her work further for expansion in Europe and the U.S thereby raising her profile whilst simultaneously working on some one–off art jewellery pieces.

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Vicky Lew

Jewellery Designer/Maker

With a special interest in sustainable and ethical practices, Vicky Lew is a fine jewellery designer-maker who graduated from Central St Martins, where she received a scholarship to train at Cartier. Vicky took part in the Getting Started course in 2015 and was also one of the exhibitors at the latest Goldsmiths’ Fair, where she presented her debut collections, FLIGHT and PLUME. FLIGHT was created with the generous support from Swarovski. Her pieces are influenced by traditional Eastern sensibilities and Western design concepts, delivering strong narratives and intricate interplays between organic shapes and geometric forms. By being a member of the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s diverse community, she hopes to be inspired by and to collaborate with some of the best artists, craftsmen and designers in the UK.

Other Bespoke Services

  •         Bespoke commissions
  •         Design and production of own range
  •         Jewellery design


Ana Thompson

Jewellery Designer/Maker

Ana Thompson is a designer-maker with a background in Industrial Design and an MA in Jewellery Design from Sir John Cass. Her work explores the intersection of design and science, blending her interest in new technologies and production processes, with her fascination for revealing the hidden beauty and wonders discovered in the unseen world.  She mainly works with silver and semi-precious stones and she uses cutting edge techniques like additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Looking to develop aesthetically and experiment with different materials, she chose to join Getting Started in 2014 and to become a member of the vibrant Goldsmiths’ Centre community as part of Setting Out.

Other Bespoke Services

  •         Bespoke design service
  •         R&D design consultancy
  •         Freelance design service
  •         CAD design

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Chino Ridge

Silversmith, Enameller, Conceptual Artist and Costume Jewellery Designer/Maker

Chino Ridge has over ten years of experience working as a senior costume jewellery designer at Erickson Beamon and Vicki Sarge after graduating with degrees in Silversmithing & Metalwork and Enamelling. Chino has worked with brass, crystals and various other materials in order to achieve the desired concepts. Having collaborated with major brands, her pieces have been worn by celebrities at red carpet events such as royal weddings. She is fascinated by cultural pluralism and her work has now evolved a conceptual element. She looks forward to incorporating this direction into decorative sculptural pieces at the Goldsmiths' Centre.    

Other Bespoke Services

  •         Decorative sculptural work commissions
  •         Jewellery design commissions  
  •         Consulting

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Sarah Phillips

Jewellery Designer/Maker

Sarah Phillips is a jewellery designer aspiring to create an exceptional British fine jewellery brand. Offering well-made, contemporary and innovative pieces, her designs are inspired by pattern, texture and hidden detail. Sarah has worked both within manufacturing workshops and in the retail jewellery sector for many years and has developed her CAD skills to a high level. As one of the Setting Out participants 2016, she will have to opportunity to expand her business skills as well as her network.

Other Bespoke Services

  •         Bespoke Commissions
  •         Freelance CAD service
  •         Design and production of own jewellery ranges

Victoria von Stein

Jewellery Designer/Maker

Victoria von Stein is the designer/maker behind her brand Victoria von Stein Jewellery, offering handcrafted, fine designer jewellery inspired by the beauty of nature, her enriching travels and Franco-German upbringing. Each collection exudes an organic elegance with earthy & cultural sensibilities mixed with beautiful coloured precious stones expressing a sense of romance and adventure. They are easily worn to suit today’s casual chic day-to-night lifestyle. Made of sterling silver with quality gold plating, they are designed for the sophisticated, modern feminine woman who wants to celebrate her individual style, values originality and craftsmanship with a story. After having completed the Setting Out Programme in 2015, she is now a Gold Member at The Goldsmith’s Centre.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke jewellery commissions
  • Design and production of own range

Silvia Weidenbach

Jewellery Designer/Maker

Silvia Weidenbach is a jewellery designer maker who pushes at the boundaries of her field. She experiments with materials creating made-to-measure jewellery visions, which are objects, adornments and events. Silvia engages in particular with the subject of beauty, the precious and the ugly. Using digital technology in a playful way, she dynamically designs and carefully crafts each of her pieces to be treasured and bring pleasure.  

Other Bespoke Services

  •         Jewellery designer maker
  •         Jewellery innovation consultant
  •         Lecturer


If you want to learn more about the Setting Out course or apply please click here.