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Ten of London's Most Exciting Female Jewellery Designers Team-Up

Ten emerging female jewellery designers are redefining traditional jewellery for modern love. They will exhibit together in the Trove: Milestones pop-up at the Goldsmiths' Centre, London from 20th-22nd April 2022. Based around the theme of ‘Milestones’, the event will showcase jewellery specially-made for those celebrating important life events.

From contemporary and alternative rings to traditional diamond designs, the collections of these designers are suited to weddings, anniversaries, successes, personal achievements and much more. The jewellery on display will also have an ethical focus, highlighting the traceability of materials, remodelling of heirloom jewellery and recycling of gemstones and fine metals.

Trove: Milestones will present an exciting selection of London-based female designers and makers who specialise in bespoke jewellery, and are experts in collaborating with their customers to create unique, personal treasures:

  • Clio Saskia: exciting nature-inspired jewellery made using traceable gemstones from her own mine.
  • SAM HAM Jewellery Design: unisex alternative wedding jewellery premised on the idea that two halves make a whole.
  • Ellis Mhairi Cameron: sculptural fine jewellery using unique natural-coloured diamonds, inspired by her Scottish heritage.
  • Natalie Perry Jewellery: fine jewellery with a bohemian sensibility, handcrafted from ethically sourced materials.
  • Melanie Eddy: bold, geometric fine jewellery handcrafted to highlight unusual statement gemstones.
  • Bezant London: rich gold and diamond jewellery, hand forged to recreate flowing architectural and feminine forms.
  • Emefa Cole: interpreting the creational, transformative powers of nature in understated, yet opulent jewellery.
  • Harriet Morris: kitsch contemporary fine jewellery, with nostalgic inspirations and a playful aesthetic.
  • Flora Bhattachary: specialist in diamond and sapphire fine jewellery, creating relaxed modern talismans imbued with personal meaning.
  • Yeena Yoon: fusing architecture and design to create timeless fine jewellery using innovative techniques.

A stone’s throw away from Hatton Garden and Farringdon station, the Goldsmiths’ Centre is home to these talented jewellers, who all have access to studios based onsite.

Trove: Milestones is open to the public from 11am-4.30pm on Thursday 21st April, and 11am-6pm on Friday 22nd April at the Goldsmith’s Centre.

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