How Travel Can Be A Career Catalyst - An Interview with Castro Smith

To celebrate the launch of the Career Catalyst Grant, famed engraver Castro Smith invited us into his workshop to discuss how being able to travel to Japan was a catalyst for his career.

Watch the full interview below:

Career Catalyst Grant - Castro Smith

Castro’s travels were funded by a Career Development Grant from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. The Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Career Catalyst Grant is inspired by this and other initiatives in order to provide even more opportunities for makers.

“I applied for a Career Development Grant to the Winston Churchill Trust so I could experience another way of making. The reason why I chose Japan was to try and find another place that was doing similar crafts, but had evolved in a different way of making things as well as a different aesthetic. My experience in Japan has influenced my work in a lot of ways.”

– Castro Smith, Jeweller & Engraver, Former Goldsmiths' Company Apprentice

“The Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Career Catalyst Grants are designed to offer craftspeople the chance to keep innovating and growing their skills and knowledge. Our judging panel are looking for makers who are aiming to implement a real step change in their practice and work in new, innovative ways.”

– Julia Skilton, Educational Partnership Officer, The Goldsmiths' Centre