Sustainable Practice: Recycling Silver with Elisavet Messi

08 Jul 2024 · 9:30AM - 4:00PM
£99+ bring your own scrap of sterling silver max. 15 gr, 9.30am - 12.30pm (Spaces available) or 1 - 4pm (Sold out)
The Goldsmiths' Centre, London EC1M 5AD
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Technical Skills Training
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Learn how to recycle scrap silver to make more sustainable jewellery while complying with hallmarking standards with experienced jeweller Elisavet Messi.

Mining silver and gold can have a devastating impact on the environment, but there is another solution. According to the Alliance for Responsible Mining, there is enough gold above ground for 55% of all jewellery globally to be made from recycled materials with little effort. 

The repurposing of old materials is increasing thanks to a growing awareness of environmental issues. More designers are looking to use greener precious metal alternatives. Learning how to recycle scrap metal to make new pieces could be a positive solution to making your jewellery more sustainable.

Ideal for all levels of experience, this in person short course offers a comprehensive and hands-on approach to understanding of materials recycling.  Award winning metal worker Elisavet Messi will cover recycling your scrap silver for jewellery making through demonstration, handouts and individual practice, plus you will receive our handy online guide to support your sustainable practice.

We may not be able to stop precious metal mining, but this course will enable us to be a small part of the solution by re-using metals already in circulation.


Delivered in person at the Goldsmiths’ Centre, this course will help you with:


  • Overview of Recycling Techniques: Learn how to recycle clean scrap, such as sheet and wire off-cuts and understand the sustainability benefits of repurposing old materials.
  • Hands-On Melting: Melt down your own silver and transform it into wire for reuse, gaining practical experience in the melting process and learning about the most effective torch set up.
  • Assay Office Standards: Receive specialised instruction on metal properties, differentiating between melting and refinery processes, and compliance with Assay Office standards when recycling your own metal.
  • Resource Guidance: Receive a range of resources related to sustainable practices, whilst discussing and identifying methods that best suit your jewellery making practice based on your unique circumstances.
  • Health & Safety Precautions: Cover all essential health and safety measures for melting and preparing bullion. Understand responsible disposal of pickle and gain insights into bioproducts and contamination.
  • Metal Processing Techniques: Explore the safe use and pros and cons of using a rolling mill and/or draw bench to prevent cracks.
  • Customer Communication:  Learn to effectively communicate the significance of using recycled materials and educate consumers on the differences between ethical, fairtrade and recycled metal, so they can make informed decisions about their jewellery purchases.
  • Interactive Learning: Benefit from group and individual guidance from your tutor, engaging in discussions, Q&A sessions and collaborative learning activities.
  • Be Part of the Solution: This course not only equips you with practical skills, but it also instils a deeper understanding of the environmental impact of our craft, encouraging sustainable and responsible practice within the jewellery industry.
  • A pair of safety goggles.
  • Fresh scrap of sterling silver (maximum 15 gr).
  • Optional: a scrap of old silver jewellery or miscellaneous silver items to recycle.  Materials’ suitability for melting will be assessed on day. Only fresh scrap of 1 clarity will be melted on the day.

Beginners to Advanced: All levels of experience welcome.

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Who is the Tutor?

Elisavet Messi is an award-winning professional goldsmith. As the daughter of a mechanical engineer, and a trained goldsmith, Elisavet Messi is a big supporter of technicality and innovation. With a focus on sustainability and ethical practice, her sculptural jewellery focuses on materials and is made from 100% recycled silver and 14ct recycled gold where possible. Elisavet has received multiple awards for her innovative use of wire including the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards and the honour to be a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers and the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Workshops Technician. Beyond her own practice, she is also passionate about academia, and she is an active mentor and tutor for several institutes, which she still undertakes research projects on the field of art and design.