Creative Links: Making the Jump to Fine Jewellery

16 Jan 2024 · 6:00PM - 8:00PM
£12 (incl. an alcoholic or non-alcoholic welcome drink)
The Goldsmiths’ Centre, 42 Britton Street, London, EC1M 5AD
Programme type
Talks, Business Skills Training
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How do you make the jump from working in silver and plated metals to focus on designing and making fine jewellery? Do your designs need to evolve? How can you prepare for this development? Will your customers come with you? How do you determine the affordability of this step?

As you evolve your business you may be looking to focus on fine jewellery. If you are, these questions will be relevant to you. Join us to learn from the experiences of others who have developed a fine jewellery business.

Speakers will include Leonid Dementiev, Jessie Harris, Natalie Perry and Emma Madden of Shimell and Madden. Each will share their experiences and will be open to discussing your questions.

Before the main panel session there will be the opportunity to network and talk to peers and staff from the Goldsmiths’ Centre.

The timings for the event will be:

  • 6pm - 6.30pm - Welcome drinks and networking
  • 6.30pm - 7.30pm - Panel conversation
  • 7.30pm - 8pm - Q&A and networking

This event is part of the Goldsmiths' Centre's Creative Links series aimed at linking emerging makers with each other, whilst exploring key topics essential to nurturing business success.


The Goldsmiths’ Centre’s monthly Creative Links events, designed for emerging makers and creative start-ups, provoke thoughts and questions which will enable you to reflect on where you are and how to get to where you want to be. Build your network, create links, learn to grow your business and become part of the community.  

Details of our upcoming events and topics covered are listed in our What’s On. Every other month the event will be hosted online, should you not be able to attend an in-person event.

The event will be hosted at the The Goldsmiths’ Centre, 42 Britton Street, London, EC1M 5AD.

Who are the speakers?

Jessie Harris focuses on combining clean lines and fluid shapes to produce little sculptures for the body. The ethos of the brand is to bring a playful, light hearted approach to the design and creation of fine jewellery. Starting with simple shapes and introducing unexpected details, the intention is to produce pieces that will surprise and delight. Working exclusively with recycled metals, the core pieces explore the concept of Retro Futurism; referencing structures, shapes and motifs of both the past and the future merged.

Founder and Director Jessie Harris' background is in Fine Art, which she studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design.  During this time Jessie focused on creating audio installations but shifted her attention to the more physical practice of jewellery making following graduation in 2010.  Though working in a different medium, it’s possible to find a recognisable thread running through both practices; with the shape and form of her pieces carrying the same fluidity and rhythmic qualities as sound. Jessie was mostly self taught in the art of jewellery making, launching the brand in the Spring of 2012.

Leonid Dementiev's fine jewellery harmoniously brings together tradition and contemporary design. He reinvents the idea of the jewellery staple. All jewellery pieces are made entirely by hand in his workshop in London applying 4th generation wirework techniques that Leonid's great grandfather a famous blacksmith used in the 1800s in the Southern region of Don. Leonid developed these techniques using fine materials, pushing their boundaries and crafting fine jewels with exquisite contrasting finishes.

Inspired by the universal and timeless language of geometry Shimell and Madden create modernist pieces that have a sense of the ancient. Fusing the worlds of contemporary design and traditional goldsmithing, their work combines recycled precious metal with unusual gemstones to create bold and distinctive fine jewellery.

Joining forces in 2010 Luke Shimell and Emma Madden collaborate on the crafting and concept behind each jewellery piece they create. Specialists in bespoke commissions, and predominantly working in 18ct gold and platinum.

Natalie’s signature fine jewellery style can be traced to a serendipitous trip to India. Awarded the Isabella Blow Scholarship in the final year of her jewellery degree studies, Natalie took the opportunity to travel to India to work with traditional fine jewellers. Exposed to fine jewellery for the first time, Natalie’s passion for precious materials and gemstones was ignited. Bewitched by the intricate craft traditions of India, a fascination for handcrafting and extraordinary gemstones was born. Natalie launched her brand at London Fashion Week in 2017, with a debut collection inspired by the ethereal beauty of the abandoned Rani Mahal fort in Bundi, India. Every collection since reflects her skill for capturing the essence of a place in jewellery.