Materials in Focus: Russian Enamelled Silver

Explore the colourful and exquisite world of Russian enamelled silver with curator of the Chitra Collection, Clementine Loustric.

Materials in Focus: Russian Enamelled Silver

What is this talk about?

As part of our Materials in Focus Online series at the Goldsmiths’ Centre, Clementine Loustric introduces this unique Collection and a variety of enamelled silver with a focus on works made in Russia. You will learn about the material, its origins and development, as well as the range of techniques championed by Russian silversmiths in the 19th century, including cloisonné, champlevé, en plein and guilloche enamelling, shading and painting. These practices are set within the context of stylistic developments in Russia and the work of several important makers and craftspeople, including Faberge, Artel work, Feodor Rückert.

This video is part of the Materials in Focus talks series and was hosted online in December 2020.

What is the Chitra Collection?

The Chitra Collection is a private museum of historic teawares. In 2011 Nirmal Sethia, the Chairman of the luxury tea company, Newby Teas, set himself the task of acquiring the world’s greatest collection of teawares to record and preserve tea cultures of the past.