Creative Links: Diamonds are Forever - Sustainability and the World's Favourite Gem (Bite-Size Film)

Creative Links: Diamonds are Forever - Sustainability and the World’s Favourite Gem

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What is this talk about?

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability and the ethical sourcing of goods, what are the future of diamonds, and how will the industry adapt to both changing attitudes and changing technology?

A leading panel of jewellery and sustainability experts attempt to answer these questions, and more, in this Creative Links talk at the Goldsmiths’ Centre, led by founder and editor of Londnr Magazine, Nina-Sophia Miralles. 

Featuring Philippa Durell, former jewellery editor of Tatler and contributing editor of Vogue and GQ, Olivia Pinnock, Fashion Journalist and Founder of The Fashion Debates, and Dr Karen Smit, Research Scientist at the GIA laboratory in New York, this live discussion explores how the burgeoning phenomena of lab-grown diamonds is sending ripples through the jewellery industry. It also demystifies the various techniques used to manufacture lab-grown diamonds, and how they compare, in terms of ethics and sustainability, to traditional diamond mining practices.

This video is part of the Creative Links talks series and took place in February 2019 at the Goldsmiths’ Centre. It has been shortened for Link members to access