Looking for Summer Party Inspiration?

Long days and warm evenings… well, not quite yet, but here at the Goldsmiths' Centre in Clerkenwell, we think it's never too early to start planning a stunning summer party for your friends, family and co-workers!

Here's some of our top tips for making your summer party the standout of this year's sunshine season:


Every summer party needs the best tunes to get the mood going. We recommend getting your perfect playlist ready in advance, being sure to ask your party guests for recommendations so that their favourite songs come on and surprise them during the festivities. Whether it's classic sound of Ella Fitzgerald or the up-to-date greatness of Dua Lipa, there are endless fab tracks to choose from to make your summer party a smash!

Fairy Lights

They may not sound like they'd do much on paper, but fairy lights are a seriously under-appreciated mood booster for when the sun goes down on your summer party. We personally think that strings of fairy lights hung up around your event space can really transform it into a warm, glowing wonderland. And don't restrict yourself to just white lights! Be bold and introduce some colour to the mix: from warm pinks to glowing ambers, you change a space into a club vibe or even give it a carnival feel.

Food Stalls

Looking for something a bit different this summer? Why not try our food stalls! These handcrafted grazing platters are perfect for livening up your roof-top party with a delicious range of food that's sure to satisfy guests. What's more, food stalls are an informal and easy way to encourage standing-up dining, giving your guests the opportunity to more easily mingle and socialise.


No summer party feels complete without a delicious cocktail (or two!) From Mojito to Martini, there are a huge range of lip-smacking drinks to try, and your summer party could be the ideal time to introduce some new funky flavours to your guests. Truly the perfect summer drink, consider including cocktails to get your colleagues, friends and clients catching.

Rooftop Views

Undeniably we at the Goldsmiths' Centre think that the best way to mark the start of the summer is with a beautiful rooftop view! When you book our fourth floor conference room for your summer party, you gain the added bonus of our dazzling rooftop terrace! Tuck into terrific food stall catering and a sumptuous cocktail as you watch the sunset over the London skyline. Now THAT's a summer party your guests are going to remember!

Talk to our team!

If you are planning a summer party, get in touch with us today and let our team help you to trigger your imagination. Visit www.goldsmiths-centre.org/venue-hire, email events@goldsmiths-centre.org or calling 020 7566 7699.