Fundamental Silversmithing Skills with Oscar Saurin

24 Sep 2024 - 26 Sep 2024 · 9.30am – 4.30pm
£549 (6 places)
The Goldsmiths’ Centre, London EC1M 5AD
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Technical Skills Training, Exhibitions and Showcases
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This three-day course is designed for craftspeople who typically work on smaller scale, such as jewellery items, but wish to expand their skill set to tackle larger silversmithing projects. With a focus on the fundamental techniques of raising, hammering, and soldering, you will seamlessly transition from creating delicate adornments to undertaking substantial metal forming projects in the shape of a Rice bowl.

Under the guidance of award-winning silversmith Oscar Saurin, you will delve into the craft of metalwork, using large equipment and applied techniques. This hands-on experience will demystify the complexities of scaling up projects through engaging live group demonstrations and personalised guidance on using tools and processes for forming metal.

Large scale work require a fresh perspective and refined skills. Embrace this opportunity to expand your creative repertoire and raise your skill set, adding new possibilities to your service offer. Think big, think bold.


You will learn:

  • Precision crafting: Harness the power of hammers, stakes and fly press to shape forms with accuracy and finesse, elevating your craftmanship to new heights.
  • Components integration: Unlock the ability to fit various components together, ensuring each piece aligns perfectly to create a harmonious finished product.
  • Master soldering on larger scale: Approach soldering with assurance and precision, learning to control heat effectively and troubleshoot any challenges that arise and overcome obstacles with ease.
  • Excellence in finishing: Gain confidence in every stage of the finishing process, from shaping to surface finish, ensuring your work reaches the highest standards of quality and craftmanship.
  • Elevate your practice: Walk away with more than theoretical knowledge and with a masterpiece – a finished rice bowl and its lid, demonstrating your newfound skills and setting a new standard for your practice.

Delivered in-person in the Silversmithing Workshop over three days, this course will:

  • Help you build your fundamental silversmithing skills including forming, using multiple methods (hammering, raising, blocking, planishing and pressing).
  • Upgrade your assembly expertise with fitting or pinning in place components ready for soldering.
  • Broaden your soldering skills, using different grade of solders, their benefits and drawbacks when working on a larger scale. 
  • Elevate your finishing capability, including filing techniques, using emery paper/pumice, polishing motor and various decorative finishes such as butler, matting and polished finishes.

Please bring your own basic tool kit including but not limited to:

  • Half-round hand file with handle.
  • Set of Needle Files.
  • Small ‘well-defined’ Steel Rule and a sharp scriber.
  • Piercing frame and blades (2/0 or 3/0).
  • Solder probe or tweezers.
  • Small paint brush for borax application.
  • Tin Snips.
  • Pair of Dividers.
  • Large compass with pen attachment.
  • Protective clothing or clothing you do not mind getting dirty e.g. apron, and closed-toe shoes.


  • Notebook and pen.
  • Spectacles or head visor (if required).
  • Protective clothing or clothing you do not mind getting dirty e.g. apron, and closed toe shoes.

What will I be provided with?

  • Metal sheets and wire in size and quantity required.
  • All equipment necessary to make the bowl.
  • Solder as required including soldering station equipment.

Please note: In the interest of keeping the course price low, the materials provided do not include silver, you will be working with gilded metal. You are invited to buy your own silver if you wish to do so. Please speak to a member of the professional training team via email at to be provided with the size and quantity needed for this project. Silver sheets and wire can be purchased from Cooksongold located in Hatton Garden, a stone throw from the Goldsmiths Centre.

  • Beginner and Intermediate: Some practical experience and understanding of the listed skill required.

In order to benefit most from this course, participants should have experience of being in a workshop environment and able to work independently on basic tasks such as annealing, soldering and filling.

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Who is your tutor?

Oscar Saurin is a classically trained silversmith with 10 years’ experience in the trade working at Richard Fox and Grant Macdonald. Over the course of his career he has worked alongside the industry's finest craftspeople on work ranging from Formula One trophies, Ecclesiastical pieces, Middle Eastern style work, bespoke commissions to fine smallwork. His skill set ranges from traditional silversmithing techniques including chasing, polishing and the application of CAD processes in silversmithing.