Creative Inspiration Workshop: Magic, Power and Jewellery

01 Feb 2024 · 2:00PM - 4:00PM
£20 (8 places)
The Goldsmiths' Company Library, Goldsmiths' Hall
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Jewellery’s link with magic, faith and supernatural power can be found in civilisations around the world. Discover the long and fascinating history of how jewellery and gemstones have embodied and contained magical and divine power for their wearers through the Goldsmiths’ Company’s outstanding library collections.

This event includes the opportunity to see in person the Company’s 16th and 17th century lapidary books, discuss your interests with the Library team, and share designs of your own magical jewels.

You will be able to photograph and draw a range of unique artefacts and archives from the collection.

Image credit: Page from the lapidary in The Goldsmiths’ Storehouse, 1604, Archive The Goldsmiths’ Company