Schools and Teachers Programmes

Access our training programmes and engage your class with the secret craft of jewellery, silversmithing and the allied industries.

As an award-winning training provider, our team offers a range of dynamic programmes for young people, both in schools and at the Goldsmiths’ Centre. If you’re a teacher, you can also access training and support from us to engage your class with this fascinating subject. 

We would love to hear from you and work with your school. Here’s a snapshot of what we can provide in terms of training and activities: 

  • Visits to the Goldsmiths’ Centre and associated activities such as hands-on workshops and career talks 
  • Linking to your Art, Design and Technology and Enrichment programmes by offering workshops for schools 
  • Introducing the craft of goldsmithing and career opportunities by attending Career Days and Fairs
  • Partnerships with youth organisations 
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers in jewellery making skills, which can be applied in the art and design programming of a school 

To discuss opportunities and arrange working with us, please contact our Professional Training team by emailing or calling 020 7566 7650