MOCIELLI Fine Jewellery

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Established by Malgorzata Mozolewska, MOCIELLI Fine Jewellery is a brand inspired by the feminine archetypes ingrained deep in our beings, striving to be a precious reminder of the virtues and strengths that we carry within.

The human touch of traditional craftsmen, and focus on the ornamentation and finer details is a crucial element to MOCIELLI designs. Love for gemstones, and also for their perfect imperfections, is supported by gemological knowledge and plays an essential part in the story of the brand. The aim is to draw from the strength of the traditions of the past to create contemporary jewellery that is timeless but with a modern edge.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke jewellery commissions in precious metals and stones
  • Reworking heirlooms
  • Bridal and Wedding Jewellery
  • Design and production of own collections

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