Flora Bhattachary

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Flora Bhattachary creates fine jewellery inspired by the glamour of India’s past. Specialising in elegant sculptural designs and vibrant carved gems in rich colour combinations.

Each design is produced in limited editions and is hand crafted and carved in the UK. Flora previously worked with a number of British jewellery brands and as Director of the renowned Electrum Gallery.

Flora Bhattachary established her label in 2014 after completing an MA in Jewellery Design at St Martins. She has since been named a Professional Jeweller Hot 100 NexGem and won a number of accolades, including awards from ECOne's Unsigned; New Designer One Year On Award; Goldsmiths Craft and Design Awards; and highly commended for the Professional Jewellery Collection of the Year Awards and Visual Impact Editors’ Choice IJL Award.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke jewellery commissions in precious metals and stones
  • Re-purposing of antique and heirloom jewellery
  • Jewellery design
  • Design and production of own collections

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