Elliot Fitzpatrick

Silversmiths / Platers / Polishers

R.H. Elliot and A. Fitzpatrick started off as polishing apprentices and set up their own award-winning company in 1987.

From designing on site to production and polishing, Elliot Fitzpatrick creates one off, handmade pieces or restores silverware to its former appearance. Alongside polishing and manufacturing, Elliot Fitzpatrick also offer plating service from hard gold plating, to gilding and from various shades of yellow to red green and black to gold. As well as silver and rhodium plating, they are also a pioneer in ruthenium plating, which is jet black in colour and very durable. 

Other bespoke services

  • Jewellery manufacture
  • Silver and gold pieces manufacture 
  • Design
  • Spinning and casting 

Contact Elliot Fitzpatrick

020 7404 5124