Edward Xú

Jewellery Designer / Gold Member

EDXÚ is a London-based, independent fine jewellery brand focusing on handcrafting architectural and mindful jewellery.

EDXÚ jewellery is conceptual, metaphorical and non-binary. Its designs are inspired by 20th-century architecture, arts, and philosophical tales about life and nature. Edward draws inspiration from arts across diverse disciplines: from Brutalism architecture to Art-Deco interiors and Cubism paintings; he believes everything is connected and tells a story.

Other services:

  • Bespoke: Our bespoke service offers a tailored experience to our clients.
  • Reimagine: Reimagine is a sustainable and unique jewellery service that re-designs and re-purposes your existing jewellery into a new masterpiece. 

Contact Edward Xú

Phone: +44(0)20 8980 8592