Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Ana Thompson, creates captivating fine jewellery with a unique vision to express the essence of wonder. Driven by a passion for perpetual exploration and discovery, she blends her Colombian heritage with a profound connection to the natural world.

Ana’s deep appreciation for unique design, innovative materials, and exceptional craftsmanship infuses each piece with meaning and balance. Her designs are timeless, elegant and versatile, characterised by fluid and organic-geometry. They embody a distinctive mix of cultural richness and nature-inspired artistry, offering a modern approach to fine jewellery that connects the wearer with the beauty and wonder of the world around us.

Other bespoke services:

  • Product & Jewellery Design consultancy
  • Bespoke / One of a Kind Jewellery
  • Bespoke Engagement & Wedding Rings
  • Bridal and Wedding Jewellery
  •  Reworking Heirloom Jewellery

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