Our Resident Community

Some of the industry's most skilled craftspeople and businesses call the Goldsmiths' Centre home. Discover the diverse skills, techniques and products created by our community - all of whom are passing on their skills, sharing knowledge with their peers, and forging support networks.

Andrew Pollack

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Stone Setter / Bespoke Service 

Andrew Pollack began a five-year apprenticeship in diamond setting at the age of sixteen. After completing his apprenticeship and gaining further experience in the trade, he set up his own company and now carries out a range of work for the trade and increasingly private commissions. Each piece of the jewellery is bespoke and is handcrafted by his award-winning craftspeople tailored to your specifications and budget. 

Other bespoke services

  • Micro-setting
  • Jewellery valuation

Contact Andrew Pollack

020 7430 2723 07720851428


An Alleweireldt - Oxx Jewellery London

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

An Alleweireldt’s collectable pieces of jewellery demand a closer look. There is always more to them than meets the eye. Her work is bold, individual and minimal.

She sells through her own brand, Ox * Jewellery www.oxxjewellery.london

An studied at the prestigious Royal College of Art, winning the Armourers and Braziers Prize for Innovative Work. All pieces are made in her London studio, with careful consideration for materials. She uses sterling silver, 18ct gold and platinum, all of which is 100% recycled. 
She does a lot of commission work, examples of which can be seen on her website www.oxxjewellery.london

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke wedding, engagement and special occasion pieces
  • Recycling gold and gemstones

Contact An Alleweireldt - Oxx Jewellery London

M: 078 17985747


Anja Moehler

Pearl Stringer / Jewellery Designer Maker / Gold Member

Anja is a freelance Pearl stringer, maker and designer, and jewellery service provider, with more than 15 years of experience in the jewellery trade. She is based in London.

Other Bespoke Services:

  • Pearl stringing services, incl. mobile stringing
  • Stringing and beading workshops and classes
  • Jewellery production and operations
  • Jewellery repair & assembly 

Contact Anja Moehler

M: 07891160951

Ashley Mikal

Jewellery Designer / Maker

Ashley Mikal Jewellery is a fine jewellery brand specialising in bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces and jewellery remodels. All pieces are designed by founder Ashley Mikal and handmade in London's historic Hatton Garden.

With a background in dance and design as well as extensive studies in fine art and anthropology, Ashley Mikal’s design process reflects her rich understanding of historical and visual contexts, the presence of personal and cultural meanings imbued within the jewellery as well as her desire to explore the creative possibilities that this ancient form of self-expression allows, all within her signature point-of-view.

Other bespoke services:

  • Wedding and Engagement Rings
  • Heirloom Remodels
  • Unique Bespoke Jewellery

Contact Ashley Mikal

Benjamin James Ryan

Silversmith / Gold Member

Award winning designer Benjamin James Ryan specialises in designing and producing bespoke pieces of contemporary silverware and jewellery. His work has significant engineering influence used to create beautifully functional and practical items. His bespoke range of hand crafted silverware and jewellery, employs the use of traditional making skills as well as cutting edge new technologies, such as ‘Water Jet Cutting’, ‘3D Rapid Prototyping’ and various ‘Computer Aided Design’ (CAD) packages. His creations consist of a mixture of materials including precious metals and stones, and offer diverse design solutions to suit any occasion or environment. 

Other bespoke services

  • Commissioned silverware
  • Commissioned jewellery
  • Freelance design service
  • CAD design

Contact Benjamin James Ryan


Bezant London

Jewellery Designer / Maker

Bespoke London Based Jewellery Designer, Goldsmith and Gemmologist. From bridal to heirloom, a focus on ethical gem trading and responsible diamond sourcing results in each hand forged piece complimenting the stone.

Trade routes and treatments are pivotal to Laura's work ethic, building upon relationships in Africa and the Americas to be as close as possible to the point of origin. The process begins with sketching and browsing materials, until the correct support, delicacy and balance is achieved. Then, models are forged and the fit tailored, until you are happy with your custom-made piece.

Other bespoke services

  • Custom Jewellery Design

Contact Bezant London

07748 875 412


Ben Hawkins

Jewellery Designer / Maker

Benjamin Hawkins is a British jeweller, living and working in London. Trained in goldsmithing and fine diamond ware, his work is innovative and highly skilled. He accepts a wide variety of commissions and engages creatively with every client, translating their vision into bespoke pieces. Influenced by historic craftsmanship and his residency at The Sarabande Foundation, he is establishing himself as a recognised high jewellery artist.

Other bespoke services: 

  • Jewellery design
  • Bespoke jewellery commissions

Contact Ben Hawkins


Bobby White

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Bespoke Service

Bobby White combines craftsmanship and traditional skills together with a flair and passion for design, to create dramatic and technically complex fine jewellery. At the age of 21, Bobby took the opportunity to acquire his own workshop in Hatton Garden enabling him to build on his growing reputation as a craftsman for fine jewellery, with are technically exquisite and visually dramatic designs.

As Bobby’s reputation has grown, he has been approached by a roster of international stars to design and make pieces, including Prince, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke jewellery commissions in precious metals and stones
  • Jewellery design
  • Design and production of collections

Contact Bobby White




Jewellery Designer / Maker / Bespoke Service

With over thirty years’ experience, Cad-Man is a total technology ‘one-stop-shop’ for small and medium size enterprise – Computer Aided Design (CAD), rapid prototpying, laser welding to the jewellery industry. Cad-Man focuses on one-off specials and range development and is the established leader in diamond mounting and pattern making using emerging technologies. Their established client base spans designer makers to large high street brands.

Other bespoke services

  • Rapid prototyping
  • 3D design
  • Precious metal casting
  • Platinum casting
  • Master patterns
  • Diamond mounting
  • Ring mounts
  • Prototype waxes

Contact Cad-Man

020 7608 0058


Carol Clift

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Designer-jeweller Carol Clift has been creating stunning jewellery for over 30 years. Having graduated first in her class with honours in Silversmithing and Jewellery in 1985, Carol spent time teaching before setting up her own studio in 2005. 

Specialising in limited edition collections and bespoke commissions, she works primarily in gold, palladium and platinum with gemstones and diamonds.  Carol's passion for exquisite design is matched by her dedication to her clients and she works with them on a one to one basis to create stunning and meaningful pieces, including wedding and engagement rings, memorial jewellery and special occasion pieces.

Other bespoke services: 

  • Wedding and engagement rings 
  • Memorial jewellery 
  • Special occasion pieces

Contact Carol Clift

01832 275296 or 07745 988728


Clio Saskia

Jewellery Designer / Maker 

Clio Saskia is a designer and maker of exotic animalinspired fine jewellery bringing weird and wonderful treasures to life. Discover treasures actively winding their way around fingers, ears and clothes, gleaming with movement, textures and gemstones. Craftsmanship combined with a playful aesthetic defies conventions of traditional jewellery design, showcasing the natural world in all its glory.

All of Clio's jewellery is created by hand in her London studio using 100% recycled metals, and ethically sourced & Fairtrade gemstones from traceable sources. Clio offers a range of services alongside her collection pieces.

Other Bespoke Services

  • Bespoke designs 
  • Fairtrade engagement and wedding rings
  • Heirloom redesign
  • Customisation of collection pieces
  • Resizing

Contact Clio Saskia


Clive Burr

Silversmith / Jeweller / Bespoke Service

Over the past 30 years Clive Burr has established a reputation for producing design led, handmade silverware and jewellery. He and his small specialist team have built up a wealth of experience producing and designing exclusive ranges, corporate production runs and prestigious commissions. These include presentations for Her Majesty the Queen, the late Queen Mother, The Oman of Kuwait, The Sultan of Brunei and No. 10 Downing Street. Clients have included Liberty & Co, Alfred Dunhill Limited, Thomas Goode & Co., Asprey & Garrard, De Beers, Bulgari, Hennell of Bond Street and Swaroski.

Contact Clive Burr

020 7608 0182


Deborah Cadby | Cadby & Co.

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Bespoke Service / Gold Member

Cadby & Co are a  London & North Cornwall based family business which specialise in using individual certificated diamonds and coloured stones set in 22ct gold and platinum. Soft and tactile, simple and elegant, reminiscent of ancient jewellery, recreated into modern design.

Cadby & Co welcome commissions to make a piece of jewellery in our style for you. You can work closely with Deborah in designing and creating your perfect piece of jewellery.

Other bespoke services

  • Engagement rings
  • Jewellery design commissions

Contact Deborah Cadby



Design Build Cast

Rapid Prototyping / CAD Bureau / Casting  

As a collective group of skilled, experienced craftsmen, Design Build Cast aims to develop and aid each section of the design and manufacturing process to create truly exceptional products. Casting in all precious and base metals, DVBC offer the one stop shop for your design, development and production needs. Onsite CAD, rapid prototyping, casting and goldsmithing allows for a seamless flow with time saving benefits to the overall production process. 

Other bespoke services

  • Casting in house (precious and base metals) 
  • CAD
  • Rapid prototyping (solidscape) 
  • Goldsmithing
  • Diamond mounting and setting
  • Finishing and polishing
  • Hallmarking 

Contact Design Build Cast

020 7608 2228


Edward Xú

Jewellery Designer / Gold Member

EDXÚ jewellery is conceptual, metaphorical and non-binary. Its designs are inspired by 20th-century architecture, arts, and philosophical tales about life and nature. Edward draws inspiration from arts across diverse disciplines: from Brutalism architecture to Art-Deco interiors and Cubism paintings; he believes everything is connected and tells a story.

Other services:

  • Bespoke: Our bespoke service offers a tailored experience to our clients.
  • Reimagine: Reimagine is a sustainable and unique jewellery service that re-designs and re-purposes your existing jewellery into a new masterpiece. 

Contact Edward Xú

Phone: +44(0)20 8980 8592


Ellis Mhairi Cameron

Jewellery Designer / Maker

Ellis Mhairi Cameron is a fine jeweller, whose work is inspired by her Scottish heritage. Created by hand in her London studio, Ellis uses traditional techniques and hand skills to give her pieces their signature rugged aesthetic. At the foundation of her brand is a belief in the beauty of imperfections, hand craftsmanship and a desire to provide clients with fine jewellery which can be handed down through the generations.

Other bespoke services
•           Reworking heirlooms
•           Bridal and Wedding Jewellery
•           Design Consultancy

Contact Ellis Mhairi Cameron


Elliot Fitzpatrick

Silversmiths / Platers / Polishers

R.H. Elliot and A. Fitzpatrick started off as polishing apprentices and set up their own award-winning company in 1987. From designing on site to production and polishing, Elliot Fitzpatrick creates one off, handmade pieces or restores silverware to its former appearance. Alongside polishing and manufacturing, they also offer plating service from hard gold plating, to gilding and from various shades of yellow to red green and black to gold. As well as silver and rhodium plating, they are also a pioneer in ruthenium plating, which is jet black in colour and very durable. 

Other bespoke services

  • Jewellery manufacture
  • Silver and gold pieces manufacture 
  • Design
  • Spinning and casting 

Contact Elliot Fitzpatrick

020 7404 5124


Flora Bhattachary

Jewellery Designer / Maker

Flora Bhattachary is a London based designer maker, who specialises in certified diamond and sapphire fine jewellery.  Redefining traditional notions of jewellery design, Flora frames diamonds and precious gemstones in distinctive, contemporary settings.
Flora offers an intimate bespoke experience, giving engagement and wedding rings the individual touch they deserve. Drawing upon your life and tastes, she endeavours to tell your personal story through her distinct design lens. 

Trained at John Cass, Medway and with an MA from Central St Martins, Flora has been in the jewellery industry for over 20 years and has won a number of awards including the prestigious Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council Awards.  She strives to create responsible jewellery, making her designs in recycled gold and sustainably sourced precious stones.  Flora welcomes commissions and redesigns and works closely with her clients to create truly inspired fine jewellery.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke jewellery commissions in precious metals and stones
  • Re-purposing of antique and heirloom jewellery
  • Jewellery design
  • Design and production of own collections

Contact Flora Bhattachary



Gala Creations

CAD Designers / Bespoke Jewellery Designer Makers 

Established in 1999, David Valle and his award-winning specialist team were early adopters of 3D computer-aided design for jewellery. Now recognised as one of the UK’s foremost CAD designers, they are proud to have a client list including most of the UK jewellers’ premier household names. According to the client’s specification, they will either provide the CAD files/ images/ wax or carry the piece right through the production process and deliver the piece beautifully finished in precious metals and set with diamonds or coloured stones using the best master craftsmen available at every stage.   

Other bespoke services

  • Wax prototyping
  • Wax printing
  • Wax milling
  • Fine jewellery manufacture 
  • Bespoke design service 

Contact Gala Creations

020 7490 4881


Genevieve Schwartz

Jewellery Designer / Jewellery Maker / Silversmith/ Gold Member

Genevieve Schwartz is a multi award-winning jewellery designer-maker living in North London. Her formal career in jewellery began through extensive training as a silversmith and jewellery designer in Hatton Garden, but her interest in creating handmade objects has existed since she was a child.

After five years working as a designer for a well known British brand, Genevieve started her brand, designing and making her own collection pieces which are bold, bright and celebrate her interest in dynamic colour relationships.

She regularly takes on bespoke projects and enjoys meeting with clients to transform their ideas into modern heirlooms.

Other services:

  • One off designs to commemorate special occasions
  • Customisation of collection pieces
  • Bespoke wedding and engagement jewellery for men and women
  • Signet rings
  • Personalisable jewellery
  • Creation of technical design sheets
  • Freelance design

Contact Genevieve Schwartz

Phone: 07870571792


Graham Saggers Engraving

Hand Engraver

Graham Saggers is an award-winning craftsman who specialises in pure hand engraving, from heraldic and pictorial, to lettering and seals. Graham has won three gold awards, several silvers and many commendations from the Crafts Council.

Other bespoke services

  • Heraldic engraving
  • Pictorial engraving
  • Lettering
  • Seals (seal cutting)
  • Bespoke design

Contact Graham Saggers

020 3119 3054 07951 574 801

Harriet Morris

Jewellery Maker / Gold Member

Irreverent, unisex and transparently made collections and custom-made jewellery. Made with recycled gold and silver and repurposed and recut gems.

Other bespoke services:

  • Bespoke Fantasy Jewels
  • Custom jewels to celebrate marriage, independence, family or achievements

Contact Harriet Morris

07793 614 594


HP Diamonds Ltd

Jeweller / Gold Member

Henry Pruwer is a diamond specialist with over 25 years experience. Sourcing ethically mined, cut and polished gems directly from Antwerp at competitive prices. Working with local craftsmen to produce fine quality bespoke jewels.

Other bespoke services:

  • Interpreting clients’ design ideas and working to a budget
  • Supplying emerald, radiant, oval, pear and other diamond cuts
  • Specialist in Fancy Yellow diamonds
  • Matching sets of stones for rings and studs
  • Engagement rings, from 2 days for ready made, 2-6 weeks for bespoke designs.

Contact HP Diamonds Ltd

+44 (0) 7810 387 376


Imogen Belfield

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Imogen Belfield’s unique jewellery sculptures, range from cascading golden nugget pedants to statement ‘rockesque’ rings. Her textural and organic designs are instantly recognisable. Since breaking into the fashion and jewellery world in 2010, Imogen has been tipped by Vogue as one to watch and her pieces have won the attention of celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman and Rita Ora. As a jewellery graduate from Sir John Cass School of Art, she was named by Professional Jeweller Hot100 Awards as Trendsetter Designer Jeweller 2014 and was selected for the second year to be part of the British Fashion Council’s Rock Vault at London Fashion Week, curated by Stephen Webster.

Bespoke Services

  • Bespoke, handcrafted designs from one-off haute couture, pieces for medicinal purposes to wedding bands and engagement rings
  • Pieces inspired by the ‘rockesque’ collection
  • Working in a variety of materials including 9 carat, 18 carat and 22 carat Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, 18 carat White Gold, Palladium and Platinum

Contact Imogen Belfield


Irena Chmura

Jewellery Maker / Gold Member

Irena creates delicate fine jewellery that is inspired by fluid, organic forms observed in nature and gentle, dream-like colours evoking an other-worldly atmosphere.

She believes that a piece of jewellery is art that captures emotions and creates an intimate relationship with the wearer. Before following her passion for jewellery, Irena studied fine art / painting. From there stems her desire to design pieces that reflect an ever-changing mood, and her love for delicate colour.

The brand uses only fair trade and, whenever possible recycled gold as well as ethically sourced, conflict free gemstones. All castings are made using recycled gold.

Other bespoke services: 

  • Bespoke/One of a kind jewellery
  • Bridal and wedding jewellery
  • Remaking heirloom jewellery
  • Customisation of collection pieces

Jennifer Bloy Designs

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Bespoke Service

Jennifer Bloy FRSA FIPG is a freelance multi-award winning designer of jewellery and object d’art specialising in hand painted presentation designs and technical drawings. She has created pieces for Royalty and rock stars and is as happy designing an engagement ring as designing gold binoculars. Her work ranges from pieces of fashion jewellery made for a few pounds to exclusive gifts retailing for many thousands. Jennifer is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths and is on the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council. She is currently lecturing in design on the Foundation Programme at the Goldsmiths’ Centre. 

Other bespoke services

  • Wax model making
  • Making jewellery to special commissions
  • Design tuition

Contact Jennifer Bloy Designs



Jessie Harris London

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Jessie Harris focuses on using clean, fluid lines and structural shapes to produce minimal sculptures for the body. Specialising in bespoke engagement and wedding rings, the design ethos is to bring a playful, light hearted approach to the design of fine jewellery. Starting with simple shapes and introducing unexpected details, with the intention of creating pieces that will surprise and delight.

Other bespoke services:

  • Bespoke Engagement, Wedding Rings and Custom Pieces
  • Heirloom Redesign
  • One-Off Pieces and Fine Jewellery Collections available
  • Using 100% Recycled Gold and Ethical Gemstones and Diamonds

Contact Jessie Harris London


Karlin Anderson

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold member

Karlin is inspired by the stories of the people she creates pieces for, and by the rugged, beautiful landscape and rich, distinctive culture of Shetland, the islands she has always called home. With over 30 years’ experience, she takes great pleasure in combining her craft with her love of people, resulting in exquisite creations which are exactly what her clients have dreamt of.

Other bespoke services

  • Beautifully crafted fine jewellery
  • Bespoke design service
  • Ready to wear collections 
  • Something new from something old

Contact Karlin Anderson

020 7253 6093


Kata Wearable Art

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Bespoke Service

The KATA collection of luxury fine jewellery and bespoke designer pieces, each individually handmade in the London studio.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke design service & consultation
  • Heirloom restoration or remodelling

Contact Kata Wearable Art

020 7253 2825


Katherine A Brunacci Jewellery

Jewellery Designer / Maker 

Katherine Alexandra Brunacci Jewellery brings to you a selection of alluring one-of-a-kind jewels. Each piece is hand carved in wax. No moulds are used so each piece is unique. Katherine has won 3 international design awards ( A' design, Milan) and has extensive gemological and jewellery valuing experience, holding both GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia) gemmologist qualifications. She is also a NAJ registered jewellery valuer (MIRV)

Other bespoke services
•  Custom commissions and handcrafted designs from one of a kind statement treasures to engagement rings and wedding bands.
• Registered NAJ jewellery valuer, gemmologist and diamond grader. 
•  Design and manufacturer of own jewellery collections.        

Contact Katherine Alexandra Brunacci

T 07380297942


Laura Nelson

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member 

Contemporary jewellery inspired by the overlooked textures all around us. Handmade using recycled precious metals and ethically sourced stones.

Originally trained as a product and furniture designer, Laura’s jewellery draws on her design skills, love of making and understanding of both craft and manufacture. Early into her career, Laura gained a One to Watch Award from the Crafts Council.

Laura enjoys working with clients to create thoughtful, unique and truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

  • Bespoke wedding bands & engagement rings
  • Signet rings
  • Ready to wear collection
  • One-off pieces
  • Custom touches to collection pieces (such as stone setting and laser engraving)
  • Re-working heirloom jewellery

Contact Laura Nelson


Le Ster

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Fusing fine art with exquisite craftsmanship, the suffix ‘ster’ means: “to possess a quality of” with each piece of jewellery bestowing the power and confidence of ‘the elegant rebel’ within the woman wearing it.

Handmade, contemporary fine jewellery set with coloured gemstones and diamonds, part of the appeal of Le Ster is its mix of wearability and attention to detail.

All pieces can be customised, choose the metal and stones you would like to incorporate into a design.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke design service & consultation
  • Reworking heirlooms
  • Wedding / Engagement rings

Contact Le Ster

07818 414 209


Leonid Dementiev

Jewellery Designer / Maker

The Leonid Dementiev brand is inspired by the Dementiev's family heritage. The jeweller's great-grandfather was a talented blacksmith and silversmith in the Southern region of Don. He was a self-taught master artisan, famous for the quality of his work and highest level of craftsmanship. Leonid shares the same passion and work ethic. After earning a design degree at Central Saint Martins he worked for several years on developing his own unique style and studying old techniques of his ancestor and translated them into works of gold, pearls and gemstones. His latest Fine Jewellery collections are handcrafted to honour tradition and interpret soul of the modern world.

Bespoke Services 

  • Bespoke design
  • Wedding / engagement rings

Contact Leonid Dementiev



Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

In LIA LAM, courageous creativity meets fine jewellery artistry. In a dance of design and concept, Lia’s architectural pieces embody evocative stories in minimal, poetic form.

Precision and innovation are the dual hallmarks of Lia’s fine jewellery. A bench-trained jeweller herself, Lia is undaunted by the constraints of traditional craft. Pushing the boundaries of possibility. Every piece is responsibly and ethically handcrafted to order in London using traceable materials. She loves meeting people with a different point of view, and is always looking for opportunities to co-innovate.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke experience 
  • Engagement ring design and consultancy
  • Jewellery consultancy

Contact Lia Lam


Margaux Clavel

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Bespoke Service / Gold Member

For as long as she can remember, Margaux has always loved working with her hands, alchemising feelings and stories into material objects. Her work is informed by all the things she finds captivating - tales of ancient civilisations and rich archaeological treasures, opulent sacred spaces and finely crafted ritual objects.

Her recent exploration and training in ancient healing techniques has rooted her jewellery practice deeper into the sacred.

Margaux designs and makes magical jewellery that holds the stories of human experience. She infuses each piece with the wearer’s intention, activating and sealing energy into the design, the metal and the gemstones. She breathes life into each piece, making them timeless talismans that celebrate and honour the self, the love that connects and binds us to others, our lineage, and the powerful memories that colour our lives.

Other bespoke services 

  • Design and Energy Consultations
  • Bespoke Engagement, Wedding Rings and Custom Talismans
  • Reiki and Sekhem Activated Jewellery
  • Heirloom Redesign
  • One-Off Pieces and Fine Jewellery Collections
  • Recycled and Fairtrade materials available on request

Contact Margaux Clavel


Melanie Eddy

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Bespoke Service

Melanie Eddy creates sculptural jewellery that uses geometry as a tool to explore the relationship of form to the body. She is involved in jewellery trade from design and manufacture through critical writing, facilitating creative and professional development. She has collaborated with organisations such as the V&A and the British Council and works often in South Asia with organisations like Turquoise Mountain and the Aga Khan Foundation on jewellery training and business development initiatives. She teaches jewellery on the MA Design programme at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke jewellery, collections, corporate gifts design and manufacture
  • Wax carving
  • Hand-finishing
  • Jewellery illustration and rendering by hand
  • Pearl and bead stringing
  • Writing for the industry
  • Exhibition curating and installation

Contact Melanie Eddy


Mike van Buskirk

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Bespoke Service

Mike van Buskirk creates beautiful collections and bespoke designs inspired by both his own creativity and client requests. He works with precious metals, mixed media and gemstones, which are all ethically sourced and uses these to produce perfect jewellery pieces to your design wishes and within your budget. His love of both the great outdoors and complex city sculpture has inspired some eccentric pieces.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke commissions (wedding and engagement rings)
  • Wax carving, master making, mount making and repair services
  • Freelance design, consultancy and batch production of jewellery
  • Design consultation
  • Design and production of own range
  • Competent in all jewellery techniques with precious and base metals, semi-precious and precious gemstones
  • Experienced in manipulation of mixed media (leather, resin, Perspex, wood)

Contact Mike van Buskirk


MOCIELLI Fine Jewellery

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Established by Malgorzata Mozolewska, MOCIELLI Fine Jewellery is a brand inspired by the feminine archetypes ingrained deep in our beings, striving to be a precious reminder of the virtues and strengths that we carry within. The human touch of traditional craftsmen, and focus on the ornamentation and finer details is a crucial element to MOCIELLI designs. Love for gemstones, and also for their perfect imperfections, is supported by gemological knowledge and plays an essential part in the story of the brand. The aim is to draw from the strength of the traditions of the past to create contemporary jewellery that is timeless but with a modern edge.

Other services

  • Bespoke jewellery commissions in precious metals and stones
  • Reworking heirlooms
  • Bridal and Wedding Jewellery
  • Design and production of own collections

Contact MOCIELLI Fine Jewellery


Natalie Perry Jewellery

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Natalie Perry creates everyday luxury jewellery inspired by the beauty of imperfection. Her collections evoke bohemian elegance with delicate detailing that invites you to look closer. Each piece is made in her London studio using recycled gold and silver, Fairtrade Gold and responsibly sourced gemstones. Her collections are built on a keen eye for exquisite intricacy and gentle juxtaposition, creating miniature treasures with hidden details that are for the wearer alone.

Bespoke Services 

  • Bespoke bridal jewellery
  • Reworking existing heirlooms

Contact Natalie Perry Jewellery

+44(0) 79400 58520


Phillip Jennings Jewellery Limited

Jewellery Designer / Maker

Phillip is regarded as a bespoke jewellery service specialist for both private and trade clients. Wining many awards including 1st price for 400-hour handmade carousel ring and featured in Channel 4 "The Million Pound Necklace".

Specialising in traditional handmade jewellery techniques that are becoming more and more sort after in today’s modern automated world, Phil will be more than happy to help you with your next commission. Anything from bridal, engagement rings, objets d'art, complicated necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Recognised and trusted by the most sort after brands in the UK, Phil will deliver your commission finished to the highest standard.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke jewellery manufacturing for trade and private clients
  • Jewellery making by hand
  • Diamond mounting
  • Stone setting
  • Jewellery collection manufacturing

Contact Phillip Jennings Jewellery Limited

+44 07900 801 564


Rachel Balfour Jewellery

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member 

Rachel Balfour established her fine-jewellery brand with the belief that jewellery is much more than an accessory. She believes that the individual pieces we choose to wear have meaning and significance and are often an expression of love, loyalty and inner strength. Designed to last many lifetimes, her jewellery has a beautiful refined edge, as timeless as it is contemporary. Having trained in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design at Kensington and Chelsea College, London, she was selected in the top ten new designers in 'E.C. One’s Unsigned Awards' and has recently completed ‘Setting Out; the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s prestigious mentoring course. 


Other bespoke services: 

  • Reworking heirloom jewellery 
  • Entirely handmade in London 

Contact Rachel Balfour


Rosie Odette

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Hello, I’m Rosie from Rosie Odette Jewellery. I make glorious jewellery that tells your story. I specialise in making high-end bespoke jewellery with a purpose. I capture and reflect your unique journey in high-value pieces which you can pass down for many generations to come. Owning a precious piece of jewellery is not only exhilarating and empowering, it’s an investment in You. I have a great passion for empowering women through jewellery. I believe we should celebrate life's imperfections just as we are, exactly how we celebrate the imperfections of a rare and precious gemstone.

  • Engagement rings
  • Redesign of treasured family heirlooms
  • Bespoke jewellery design
  • Redesign of old diamond engagement rings

Contact Rosie Odette

07428 666 570


Rupert Todd

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Rupert Todd’s sculptural, functional pieces are inspired by the natural world in all its facets, from optics, metallic chemistry and balance, to the smoothness of a river-worn stone. His pieces catch both the eye of the spectator, and rays of light, through their mirrored and opposed surfaces. The Trigonal series takes its joy from the craft of making, and experimenting with traditionally unused or unavailable materials and techniques, and the Phoenix Port Carafe experiments with the cantilever principle. The aesthetic and the aim are one, to engineer functional art.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke commissioned silverware
  • Bespoke commissioned jewellery
  • Bespoke commissioned cutlery and blades

Contact Rupert Todd



SAM HAM | Jewellery Design

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

SAM HAM is all about inspiring power and self-confidence. It takes traditional symbols of power throughout the ages and converts them into bold, beautiful, humorous pieces that intertwine traditional notions of masculinity and femininity.
Bespoke Services 

  • Bespoke jewellery commissions in precious metals and stones
  • Jewellery design
  • Design and production of own collections
  • Personal design and consultation service
  • Unisex bespoke engagement and wedding rings
  • Corporate jewellery and gifts made to order
  • Freelance design service 
  • CAD design  
  • Production development 

Sam James Engraving | Guill & Stephenson


Sam James Ltd was founded by passionate hand engravers Sam Marsden and James Neville. With over 40 years of combined experience, they have numerous awards to their names including the prestigious Jacques Cartier Memorial Award for outstanding craftsmanship. They specialise in pictorial portraits, scenes and cutting for enamel offering a full professional service to the trade and private clientele. Their portfolio includes inscriptions, heraldic engraving, jewellery, corporate, carving and antiquities – all completed to the highest standards and in short, by hand, by heart, by mind.

Other bespoke services

  • Machine engraving
  • Antique restoration engraving
  • Seals (seal cutting)

Contact Sam James | Guill & Stephenson

020 7253 0692


Samantha Salmons

Jewellery Designer / Maker

Samantha Salmons's jewellery journey started in the East End of London during the 90s studying at Sir John Cass University. She co-founded jewellery boutique Ruby Red in West London’s Portobello Road, then moving her showroom to Piccadilly, before returning to the East End. Sam makes all types of handmade jewellery to commission as well as having her own exclusive selection of gorgeous jewellery.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke commissions in precious metals and stones (including wedding and engagement rings)
  • Design and production of own collection - available to try on, to be bought or seen as sample for ideas to commission custom pieces
  • Corporate jewellery and gifts made to order

Contact Samantha Salmons



Sarah Dorans Jewellery

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Sarah Dorans believes in keeping the traditional skills of the jewellery trade alive and, over the last 14 years, she has honed her skills in order to offer hand-crafted, high-end, bespoke pieces of jewellery. She is a skilled craftswoman and designer and offers a comprehensive design and sketch service either with a remake or a totally new concept. Sarah specialises in recycling and remaking old jewellery using original stones and incorporating much of the original metal. She redesigns and remakes jewellery pieces understanding the sentimental value of inherited items and giving them a new lease of life. This ensures her clients will continue to have a memory to hold and cherish.

Other bespoke services        

  • Personal design and consultation service
  • Remakes and Bespoke pieces including wedding and engagement rings
  • Design and production of own range


Contact Sarah Dorans

07946 641670


Shakti Ellenwood Precious Jewellery

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

Shakti Ellenwood’s passion for creating ethical Fairtrade gold jewelry is at the heart of her exquisite designs. She is a B-Corp goldsmith, with 2% of sales going to social and environmental causes.

Her jewellery carries a high vibration of love.  Whilst working with gold, she sings ancient mantras and weaves blessings into their bones. Her sacred jewels are known as ‘Little Gold Prayers’.

Rich in romance, myth and ritual, each design blends centuries-old skills with Ellenwood’s distinctive aesthetic.  From ethical engagement rings and wedding rings to her signature amulets, her unique heirlooms are designed to be treasured for generations.

Contact Shakti Ellenwood Precious Jewellery


Signet & Seals Ltd

Jeweller / Gold Member 

At Signets & Seals, our award-winning team have spent over 40 years perfecting their craft to create only the most desirable hand engraved signet rings.

We adopt only the most traditional hand-engraving techniques to ensure that this timeless craft is preserved, leaving you with a traditional piece of bespoke jewellery, carrying your family crest or custom artwork.

Other bespoke services:

  • Custom designed signet rings
  • Artwork design service
  • Bespoke seal engraving

Contact Signet & Seals Ltd

T: 0207 993 6343



Jewellery Designer / Maker

Established in 2019 Skomer Studio celebrates the handcrafted, and mixes modernity with tradition. Pieces within the evolving collection are made to be worn everyday, incorporating timeless design and sentiment. The collection is designed and handcrafted by jewellery designer and maker Daisy Simpson.

Each item of jewellery is made to order or one of a kind to ensure minimal waste and minimum carbon footprint is created through the production process. All pieces are made using recycled precious metals and sustainably sourced stones. Alongside the collection, Daisy also offers bespoke and remodelling services. Skomer Studio has been featured in many publications including Harper's Bazaar, The Guardian and Vogue.

Other bespoke services: 

  • Bespoke Jewellery
  • Unisex engagement and wedding rings
  • Customisable collection pieces
  • Jewellery remodelling
  • Jewellery repairs
  • Freelance bench jeweller


Stuart Paul Jewellery

Jewellery Designer / Maker

With over 40 years’ experience working in the trade, Stuart Paul produces bespoke jewellery unique to you, handmade in London. All diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources catering to your budget.

You can hand pick a diamond or gem stone and choose the design of your ring best suited to you and your partner, ranging from engagement, wedding to eternity rings. Your finished jewellery sculpture can be displayed as a unique collectable, with only you knowing the true secret of how it was crafted.

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke jewellery commissions
  • Personal design and consultation service
  • Engagement and wedding rings
  • Entirely handmade in London

Contact Stuart Paul

020 7336 6525


The Rock Hound

Gemmologist jeweller / Gold Member

The Gemmologist Jeweller bringing the aesthetics to ethics with social impact. Inspired by crystals and the natural world, Susi Smither FGA GIA JDT creates statement jewellery with flashes of bright colours. Bold iconic forms for gemstone lovers.  

Since founding The Rock Hound in 2015 Susi has committed to ethical practices thinking carefully over the responsibly sourced materials she works with and gives 2% of sales to help create change. Working in recycled AgAIN silver (salvaged from NHS X-Rays), Fairmined Gold and exquisite coloured gemstones.

Carefully combining traditional making techniques with innovative technology means The Rock Hound’s pieces are head turning, instantly recognisable and perfect for those with a conscience.

Other bespoke services

  • Ethical bridal & wedding jewellery including wedding bands & one of a kind engagement rings
  • Trained Gemmologist with expertise in responsible gemstone sourcing from artisan lapidaries around the world
  • Fairmined Gold Licensee
  • PR & runway-worthy jewellery collections

Contact The Rock Hound

020 8985 5796



Jeweller Designer / Maker / Gold Member

TVRRINI is a London-based fine jeweller that creates sculptural designs inspired by Mediterranean and Southeast Asian cultures. Honing the craft over the last 30 years, the family duo Bibi and Katerina bring together precious metals and gemstones with stories that draw from mythology, the natural world, and emotions of art masterpieces. Their commitment to design, innovation, and attention to detail ensures clients feel a sense of wonder and sophistication. TVRRINI aims to blend tradition with a resourceful attitude towards growth.

Other bespoke services

  • Engagement and wedding rings
  • Sculptures and objets d’art
  • Unique jewellery sets (earrings, necklace etc)

Contact TVRRINI Limited


Yeena Yoon

Jewellery Designer / Maker 

Yeena Yoon Studio designs and produces unique contemporary jewellery which is experienced through an innovative interchangeable concept. Each set of jewellery is presented as a single sculptural piece from which the individual jewellery elements can be removed to wear.

The jewellery sculpture can be displayed as a collectable that only the owner knows the hidden treasures within. 

Other bespoke services

  • Bespoke jewellery commissions
  • Design and production of own range

Contact Yeena Yoon