Our Coffee

Our coffee at Bench, supplied by the Roasting Party, is a completely innovative experience.

A sense of taste, aroma, warmth and comfort is what we provide. A flavour that evokes our easy-going nature, but still delivers the same caffeine push. A smoothly dextrous blend of Colombian, Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee beans. Round bodied, moderate acidity, dark chocolate with hints of dark fruits.

Hot Drinks

Espresso 4oz £2.85
Macchiato 4oz £2.95
Piccolo 4oz £3.35
Flat White 8oz £3.75
Latte 12oz £3.85
Cappuccino 12oz £3.85
Mocha 12oz £3.95
Hot Chocolate 12oz £3.95
Chai Latte 12oz £3.95
Long Black 12oz £3.35
Matcha Latte 12oz £3.95
Beetroot Latte 12oz £3.95
Brew Tea 12oz £3.20
London Fog   £4.05
Extra shot / Syrup   £0.85
Milk Alternatives   £0.85

Iced Drinks

Iced Black 12oz £3.55
Iced Latte 12oz £4.05
Iced Matcha Latte 12oz £4.05
Iced Tea 12oz £3.60
Burry Burst Iced Coffee 12oz £4.05

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