Our Coffee

Our coffee is a completely unique experience. With our roasted coffee beans supplied by Union Coffee, we bring the best flavours to every cup we serve.

Conscious coffee.

Enjoy coffee that comes from farmers committed to sustainable agricultural practice and labour rights. Union Coffee, an award-winning East London roaster, is one of the first in the UK to trade directly with coffee farmers. Via Union Direct Trade, they work with over 14 countries and over 42 producers to source delicious speciality coffee and pay a fair, sustainable price.

Full of flavour.

This delicious coffee is grown at high altitude in the hills of Peru by a group of 300 smallholder farmers. It has the perfect balance of natural sweetness and gentle acidity.

Tasted as a pure espresso look out for notes of red berry jam, dark chocolate and walnut. Add a touch of milk for a 6oz flat white and you will experience a smooth chocolate truffle, hobnob biscuit and roasted hazelnut flavour. Finally, a 10oz latte will produce a delicious coffee evoking flavours of sponge cake, vanilla and cashew nut.

Prepared with skill.

Our Bench baristas are highly skilled technicians. Whether you are ordering a cappuccino, latte or espresso, we understand the art of coffee-making and the journey from quality bean to pouring the perfect cup.

Our team offers regular barista traineeships through Well Grounded, an award-winning social enterprise that supports Londoners facing socio-economic barriers into work.

Bring your own cup to go.

All our coffee cups are made from 100% plant based, renewable materials. But we go one step further to combat landfill. Bring your own refillable coffee cup to Bench and get a discount. 

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