Smartphone Video Production - How To Create Professional Content and Tell Your Story

14 Sep 2018 · 9:30AM - 4:30PM
£145, includes lunch
Agas Harding Conference Room
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Research conducted by the Goldsmiths’ Company found that consumers of Fine Jewellery and Contemporary Silver place great value on having an emotional connection with the designer. They want to hear about your inspiration, they want a sense of the skills involved in making a piece, they want a glimpse behind the scenes and an insight into your world.

So, what better way to tell your story than through video? In an age of social media, YouTube and Netflix, streaming and watching high-quality video is part of our everyday lives, as well as an essential marketing tool for businesses. But have you ever considered how easily and cheaply you could produce your own high-quality video content using the smartphone in your pocket?

What will I learn?

In this one-day course designed by broadcast experts Brightest Bulb, and the Goldsmiths’ Centre, you will learn how to

  • Produce, direct, shoot and edit video using your smartphone and a simple app
  • Shoot video indoors or outdoors
  • Speak confidently to camera and create voiceover
  • Edit audio and add a soundtrack
  • Begin to plan your video content strategy
  • Tell your story effectively  
  • Post videos on your business website, social media, blog or YouTube channel

Guided by two expert tutors, this hands-on course will take you through every step of the process, as you create your first high-quality business video. You will even be able to film yourself in one of our state-of-the-art jewellery workshops, for extra visual impact!
To help you plan your future video content, you will learn about what attracts consumers of Fine Jewellery and Contemporary Silver to these parts of the industry, what they look for in a piece, and what type of video content and messaging will appeal to them – these are just some of the findings from research conducted by the Goldsmiths’ Company with over 500 consumers over the past two years.

So, whether it’s a well-planned video for your website, or spontaneous streaming for social media, this course will provide you with a cost-effective way of creating high quality online marketing content for your business, for years to come.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • One of your jewellery or silver pieces, to feature in your video (we will provide some guidance on this in advance)
  • A working iPhone or Samsung mobile phone with a minimum of 8-10GBs of available storage space, (however, the more space you can free up the better). Please note that other makes of android phones may not suitable for this course as they can behave erratically when capturing and editing video – please check with us prior to booking. 
  • A power cable for your phone
  • Earphones or headphones that work with your phone
  • A specific app which will cost: 

For iPhone:  £14.99
For Android: £3.70 (monthly subscription)
                     £30.00 (yearly subscription) 

You must buy and set up the app ahead of the course. We will provide you with full details in a follow up email.

Who is this course designed for?

Introductory - this course is suitable for anyone with basic smartphone skills, no specific technical skills are required prior to the course. 

Suitable for - jewellery and silversmithing businesses. You will get most from the course if you are selling Fine Jewellery or Contemporary Silver direct to the consumer, and have an existing online marketing presence (website, video-capable social media account, YouTube channel).

Who are the tutors?

John Dixon is a director, producer and scriptwriter with over thirty years’ experience working in broadcast television, tv commercials, corporate video production and live-event content & management. 

Ralph Tittley is an Emmy-award winning video producer with extensive experience in editing, post production, camera-work, motion graphics and directing, with over four hundred broadcast screen credits. They have taught courses for the Institute of Apprentices, University of Warwick, Plott Creative, Urban Communications, Innovation Birmingham (attended by 20 individual businesses), and Oxford Community Foundation.

This course has also been designed with industry insight from Jon East who has been a Business Tutor at the Goldsmiths Centre for five years, and who undertakes consumer research for the Goldsmiths’ Company.