Meanings and Messages: the brooch a vehicle of expression and subversiveness

09 Jan 2023 - 24 Feb 2023 · Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm
Free admission
Atrium, The Goldsmiths' Centre, EC1M 5AD
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To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the Association for Contemporary Jewellery (ACJ) is hosting the major touring showcase “Meanings & Messages” visiting six venues throughout the UK – with one of its final stops at the Goldsmiths’ Centre.

Brooches can be subversive and are often used by people in the public eye, by political figures or sovereignty to convey important messages. These messages may be hidden, subtle or occasionally more of an overt protest! 

Showcasing 60 unique brooches created by its 60 ACJ members, the exhibition will explore the meanings and messages behind the ideal jewellery archetype: the brooch.

Identity Disc by Terry Hunt - Photographer Simon B Armitt 2022
Vortex by Michelle Fernandez - Photographer Simon B Armitt 2022

ACJ members selected and with their works on show include:

Allison Macleod / Anna Borcsok / Anne Earls Boylan / Anne Morgan / Anne Walker / Anthony Wong / Asimi - Anna Butcher / Caiyang Yin / Caroline Finlay / Catherine Hartley / Catherine Marche / Chien Yu Liu / Christine Johnson / Claire Finlay / Claire Underwood / Dauvit Alexander / Deborah Beck / Drew Markou / Elird / Elizabeth Shaw / Emily Kidson / Emma McGilchrist / Hendrike Barz-Meltzer / Islay Spalding / Jane Moore / Jane Sedgwick / Janine Partington / Jessica Briggs / Jo McAllister / Joanne Haywood / Joel Matthew Smyth / Kate Bajic / Kim Nogueira / Kristy Lewis / Liana Pattihis / Linda Connelly / Lorraine Hitt - Elsiem Jewellery / Lynne Speake / Mandy Nash / Mark Mcleish / Michelle Fernandez / Nina Mannerkoski / Paul Wells / Penelope Burnett / Rachael Colley / Rachel Hearne / Rebecca Ilett / Rebecca Wilson / Sarah Jane Wilmott / Sishi Wang / Sophie Lowe / Sophie Martin-Glinel / Stephanie Johnson / Terry Hunt / Tina MacLeod / Tina Sanderson / Toby Cotterill / Vanessa Sharp / Viktoria Münzker / Yuka Jourdain

The Crafts Council is the ACJ's education sponsor for this exhibition. Their support will enable ACJ to offer an enriched education offer, sharing a digital toolkit of craft resources with their partnering venues across the UK.