HammerClub 2019: Renewal

17 Jul 2019 - 13 Sep 2019 · 9AM - 6PM, Mon - Fri
Free admission
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The beauty, lustre and intrinsic value of silver have made it an object of admiration and aspiration across Europe. Today silversmiths continue to create astounding contemporary work that is highly desirable for its innovative design and level of craftsmanship.

This exhibition presents a selection of outstanding work by European silversmiths created over the past year bound together under the theme “Renewal”. The theme is inspired by the regeneration of Dundee, the host city for this year’s European Silversmiths Forum also known as HammerClub and first city on this exhibition’s UK tour.  

Formed in 2002, the HammerClub brings European silversmiths together annually in a different part of Europe, to celebrate the ancient practice of silversmithing and to explore and ensure its future. The HammerClub and the Goldsmiths’ Centre are dedicated to the future of the art and craft of silversmithing, and the vitality and variety of the works in Renewal prove how it continues to renew and remain relevant to contemporary culture and living.

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Selected works by exhibiting silversmiths at the Goldsmiths’ Centre are:

Carsten From Andersen, Lasse Bæhring, Eva Bauer, Nuno Borges, Emil Borregaard, Mana Sarabhai Brearley, Byoung-Chul Cho, Rebecca De Quin, Paul de Vries, Andreas Decker, Paul Derrez, Karen-Ann Dicken, Hamish Dobbie, Charlotte Duckworth, Yuki Ferdinandsen, Trevor Forrester, Rajesh Gogna, Kevin Grey, Iona Hall, Naama Haneman, Miriam Hanid, Mathias Heck, Rauni Higson, Kathryn Hinton, Maja Houtman, Mana Kehr, Yaroslava Kellermann, Ji-Young Kim, Michael McCrory, Cecilia Moore, Samantha Moore, Cara Murphy, Peter Musson, Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill, Alex O'Connor, Marius Perl, Thomas Raschke, Joep Sterman, Larissa Thiel, Hazel Thorn, Karen Westland, Frances Julie Whitelaw, Sandra Wilson, Yusuke Yamamoto and Congwei Yang.

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