Drawn + Formed: Contemporary Work with Gold and Silver Wire

23 Apr 2020 - 18 Jun 2020 · 9AM - 6PM
Free admission
Exhibition Room
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Discover contemporary jewellery, silversmithing and metal embroidery made with hand-drawn wire, presented in partnership with The Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers.

The craft of hand-drawing and using gold or silver round or flattened wire has a rich heritage. Craftspeople continue to learn and evolve this traditional skill, adapting it to the designs of today.

Spun, woven, coiled and twisted in expert hands, hand-drawn gold and silver wire is transformed to make an exciting selection of contemporary crafts, using skills processes that are thousands of years old. Renowned Italian artist-jeweller Giovanni Corvaja's Golden Fleece pendant epitomises what can be achieved with hand-drawn wire as hair-thin gold threads are spun into an astonishing and ethereal fur-like object. 

From the intricate and beautiful jewellery of Andrew Lamb to the delicate detailed embroidery designs of Laura Baverstock, this exhibition will provide a unique insight into the process of drawing and working with wire; and will celebrate the very best UK craftspeople against a backdrop of historic work.

This exhibition is part of London Craft Week (27 April – 3 May 2020).

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What's On

Discover a series of have-a-go workshops, demos and short courses accompanying Drawn+Formed designed for members of the public and craftspeople at the Goldsmiths' Centre. 

Talks and Workshops

Drawn + Formed: Wirework Have-A-Go Workshops

Have a go at drawing wire on a drawbench and twisting it to create a small piece of jewellery, to gain an insight into the craftsmanship and skills involved in working with wire. 

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Drawn + Formed: Metal Thread Embroidery Have-A-Go Workshops

Gold metal thread has been used to embellish the finest garments and furnishings for centuries. Today, in addition to ecclesiastical, ceremonial and military applications, contemporary goldwork designs are used in the fashion industry and interior design. Come and have a go at hand-embroidery with this beautiful shimmering material.

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Drawn + Formed: Wire-Drawing and Wire-Working Demonstration

Join us for an evening of live demonstrations of making with hand-drawn wire and metal thread. Silversmith Nan Nan Liu, jewellers Teri Howes and Leonid Dementiev, and embroiderers Harriet Stiles and Kate Barlow will reveal the range of tools, materials and hand-skills involved in producing their work with wire.

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Creative Links: Working with Wire - An Evening with Jeweller Andrew Lamb

Award winning jeweller Andrew Lamb draws and forms 18ct gold and silver wire to create delicate patterned and sculpted forms, inspired by nature and woven textiles. The wire is layered, twisted or overlapped to make pieces with rippling textures and subtle colour changes, which create mesmerising visual effects as the wearer moves and the light changes.

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Technical Short Courses

Filigree Jewellery Workshop

Filigree uses fine twisted threads of silver or gold to create the most varied designs. Led by filigree specialist Filipa Oliveira, this short course covers the skills of this ancient jewellery technique through practical demonstrations, handouts and individual practice. Ideal for intermediate learners.

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Making Chenier and Hinge Systems

How often do you need a small piece of chenier? Knowing how to make a chenier and hinges can be a cost-effective and quick way to progress your work. Award-winning jewellery designer-maker Elisavet Messi will show you how to make chenier from metal sheet in different sizes, shapes and wall thicknesses.

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Curb Chain Making

Whether used as embellishment or adornment, chains are one of the most versatile and long last lasting pieces of jewellery. Yet, chains are often mass produced by machines to satisfy the market demand. Lucie Gledhill, an expert in weaving with wire and making chain, will help you to unlock the secret of creating curb chain – a chain particularly popular for men’s jewellery.

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