Apprenticeship to Masterpiece - The Work of Goldsmiths' Apprentices

09 Mar 2020 - 17 Apr 2020 · 9AM - 6PM
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For over 700 years, Goldsmiths’ Company apprentices have been trained at the bench in their Masters’ workshop, for up to 5 years. This annual showcase presents the latest cohort of apprentices to finish their apprenticeship and showcases their ‘Masterpieces’ – a final piece of jewellery or silversmithing, produced to demonstrate the wide range of skills they have developed and their exceptional level of craftsmanship.

Masterpieces exhibited have been crafted by recently made free Goldsmiths’ Company apprentices:

  • James Aveling, a silversmith apprentice from Grant Macdonald (Grant Macdonald (Silversmiths) Ltd) 
  • Matthew Gough, a Diamond Mounter apprentice from Peter Wickenden (Graff Diamonds Ltd)  
  • George Klarmann, a Diamond Setter apprentice from Mark Christmas (Mark Christmas Diamond Setters) 
  • Sam McMahon, a Diamond Mounter apprentice from Martin Swift (Mappin & Webb, Aurum Holdings Ltd) 
  • Helen Stride, a Diamond Mounter apprentice from Justin Richardson (Justin Richardson) 
  • Alex Wood, a Diamond Mounter apprentice from Nathaniel Groves (Nathaniel Groves Ltd)