Traditional Filigree Technique with Filipa Oliveira

02 May 2024 - 03 May 2024 · 9.30am – 4.30pm
£349 (8 places)
at the Goldsmiths' Centre
Programme type
Technical Skills Training
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Uncover the secrets of the ancient practice of filigree, a jewellery technique perfected over 5000 years ago. Learn to create delicate, one-of-a-kind metalwork using fine twisted threads of silver or gold under the guidance of renowned filigree expert Filipa Oliveira.

Over two days, Filipa will guide you through practical demonstration and hands-on individual practice, introducing you to the world of filigree – where tradition meets innovation. Perfect for both beginners and intermediate learners, this course delves into the intricacies of the process, offering you the chance to master this technique as part of a small group.

Our small class size will help you to explore this ancient jewellery craft with a leading contemporary master through group guidance and 1:1 time with your tutor and will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the specialist skill of filigree.


  • Enhance your service: by bringing new knowledge and practical skills to your business and offering a rare service to your clients.
  • Invest in honing your craft: unlock the art of making filigree wire and master the delicate skill of soldering.
  • Improve self-efficiency: craft your own filigree tools ready to take home with you and continue your practice.
  • Unlock your creative spirit: Conclude the course by creating up to three distinct stunning filigree pieces.
  • Share good practice: Benefit from both collective wisdom and one-on-one time with our specialist tutors enabling you to receive tailored advice while broadening your network and knowledge.
  • Basic tool kit including saw frame, saw blades, hand file (1/2 round or flat cut 2).
  • Different shape needle files.
  • Ruler.
  • Steel tweezers x2 (type AA tweezers).
  • Small nail scissors.
  • Tiny glass container for solder.
  • Set of pliers.
  • Soldering paint brush.
  • Bench brush.


  • Spectacles or head visor (if required) to work on small details.

You will be provided with:

  • Silver wire and solder in required size and quantity.
  • Brass sheet and disc as required.
  • Acrylic square to work on.
  • Additional specialised equipment.
  • Intermediate: Some practical experience and basic understanding of the listed skill required

To benefit most from this course, participants should have experience of being in a workshop environment and be able to work independently on basic tasks such as piercing, filling and soldering.

Developed approximately 5,000 years ago, the term filigree comes from the Latin word “filum” meaning thread” and “granum” meaning grain, which is a reference to the very fine twisted wire used in this technique.

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Who is the tutor?

Filipa Oliveira is a filigree specialist. She has won many awards for her filigree work, including the New Designers Goldsmiths’ Company Award for Jewellery. She innovatively uses this ancient technique to lend detail and heritage to her work. This historical element allows both the past and present to be encompassed within each piece of jewellery and is evocative of different times and cultures.