Wearable Sculpture: The Brooch by Corinne Julius | Goldsmiths' Review

Visit the Goldsmiths’ Company’s first online exhibition ‘The Brooch Unpinned’ for inspiration this autumn. The curatorial department have explored twenty, twentieth century brooches in detail, with photographs that reveal every facet. Each brooch links to a fantastic range of content, to support your exploration of this fantastic form.

If you are interested in the history and evolution of the brooch, you can click below to read Corinne Julius’s fascinating article on the subject, included in this year’s Goldsmiths’ Review.

Brooches also feature in Shine 2020. Click here to see more 

Image credit: Silver Oval Textured Pattern Brooch by Cailtin Hegney. Available www.goldsmiths-shop-talent.org/collections/brooches-and-pins