CAD has become the industry’s mainstream

The fast pace of technological innovation has embraced the jewellery industry and is transforming the way craftsmen design and manufacture jewellery today. Although there are widely used techniques that have remained the same for over 3000 years, an array of new tools to complement traditional methods have been developed over the last few decades and are at the disposal of jewellery designer-makers, goldsmiths and silversmiths. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is one of them, making jewellery design easier and more accessible than ever before.

In the jewellery industry CAD technology has grown significantly within the last ten years and with the launch of 3D metal printing, material limitations are disappearing. This has led to the creation of an affordable new industry for bespoke jewellery services.

Understanding the need for specialised training within the industry, the Goldsmiths’ Centre has collaborated with Simply Rhino to launch a series of workshops that will allow users to develop a solid foundation of practical skills and learn under the guidance of experienced tutors.

RhinoGold simplifies the process of creating jewellery in CAD for professional jewellery designers. It makes the entire experience faster and easier, and combines all the power of the rhino modelling engine with an interface suited to jewellers, whether new to CAD or experienced.

“"CAD technology has revolutionised the industry and has radically changed the way designers create and present their work. Software solutions such as RhinoGold allow users to create precise and photorealistic models of their ideas to share with clients and use to facilitate the manufacturing process."”

What are the main skills you will learn?

  • Computer model any type of jewellery including rings, pendants and earrings to create 3D photorealistic representations of the final piece.
  • Learn to use a plethora of tools including analysis tools for reports on metal and stone weights as well as libraries of gems created specifically for the needs ofjewellers.
  • Use modeling techniques to build a model and present it to clients.
  • Create 3D CAD models that can be used for 3D printing or rapid prototyping.

CAD Workshop Series and first steps into 3D CAD from The Goldsmiths' Centre on Vimeo.

Videos produced by: Simply Rhino & TDM Solutions, edited by: The Goldsmiths' Centre.

What are the benefits?

Increase productivity

Fine jewellery design requires a high level of precision.  This precision is one of the main advantages of CAD making it one of the most effective tools in the modern goldsmith’s toolbox. The user-friendly CAD software can help you to avoid errors in the design and manufacturing stages and automate processes. This helps to increase productivity and efficiency.

Maximise your time investment

Presenting accurate images of the proposed design to clients for feedback and approval can not only accelerate the design stage, but also improve the customer experience. Iterations or different versions of the design can be rendered within minutes, enabling the client to have more creative input in the final piece.

Take advantage of repeatability

CAD allows jewellers and smiths to create an original design which can be accurately replicated with 3D printing, even when the form could never be traditionally moulded.

Explore new possibilities

The tools within CAD software and the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) techniques it is allied to allow the creation of pieces which would be impossible using traditional methods, or that would be prohibitively complex and expensive to make previously.

Express your creativity and reduce cost

Use CAD software to test different ideas and to create virtual photorealistic collections to showcase your work and skills to clients and employers. By agreeing with the client on the final design and making the sale first, you could also reduce the production cost.

Take a look at the our CAD courses

Simply Rhino has delivered in-house jewellery specific training and support to both partners and students of the Goldsmiths’ Centre with many classes available to the UK trade, since 2012 and the Centre’s move to the fantastic new facilities in Farringdon. This partnership has allowed Simply Rhino’s certified trainers to meet and discuss strategies with many from the UK Jewellery and other trades; from first steps into CAD to advanced 3D modelling & rendering techniques, all within the impressive facilities at the Goldsmiths’ Centre.  

The Tutor - Rupert Todd

With a background from an early age in silversmithing, goldsmithing and jewellery techniques, Rupert uses Rhino with RhinoGold, V-Ray and Grasshopper.  Rupert trained in traditional precious metal smithing at Chesterfield College and Loughborough University before going on to a residency at Bishopsland Trust and the Goldsmiths’ Centre Postgraduate Programme.  In addition to giving CAD training, Rupert uses 3D printing and CNC milling at Wax-Masters to create jewellery and silverware, and this real-world industry knowledge is carried through into training sessions.