Black Dust Jewellery

Jewellery Designer / Maker / Gold Member

BlackDust was created by designer/maker Sabrina Moranne in 2016. She offers handcrafted, fine jewellery designs that she likes to describe as Wholehearted Sentimental tokens and Memento Moris.

Each piece is handmade in London and most of the time was hand carved from a block of wax. Through her work, she wants to create objects that will bring comfort, protection, maybe enclose secrets and memories and that will have a deep meaning to the wearer.

At the heart of her brand is a desire to make people feel something, to remember the fragility and transient nature of life and to be able to imbue their jewellery pieces with true, raw and intense emotions.  

  •  Bespoke handmade jewellery commissions 
  • Wedding, engagement, sentimental and memorial pieces
  • One of a kind and short run pieces 

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