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Tenants renting workshops and studios in the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s stunning working environment not only benefit from high quality space and facilities, they are also part of a supportive, friendly and vibrant community.

Like any business transaction, tenants contract to the Centre for a specific period.

Workshop contracts are for a five-year lease with three-year break clause, subject to terms and conditions; studio tenants are contracted on the basis of a monthly license with a maximum stay of three years, subject to terms and conditions.

Anyone renting space at the Goldsmiths’ Centre is contributing financially to our charitable activities and, for many tenants, the fact that their rent is helping aspiring jewellers, silversmiths and goldsmiths get started in their careers is a real incentive to work here.

As part of our community, we also expect tenants to adhere to our ‘charitable contract’; sharing their specific skills and expertise by giving talks and presentations, helping us with projects, offering work experience and apprenticeships to our trainees and giving us their time (within reasonable limits) when needed.

The Goldsmiths’ Centre is the only jewellery workspace where you get the added benefits of networking, access to industry experts and the guarantee that you won’t be hidden in a basement; there’s also the chance to give something back to the industry you work in.

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