Process: Transcending 3D Printing


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Architect and Digits2Widgets Design Director, Jonathan Rowley, presents a series of applications of 3D printing applied to other processes. This challenges the media hype around 3d printing, where one hears so much about “disruption”, “game changing” and “one day everything will be made this way.”

In actual fact, the reality is that an in depth understanding of digital design and manufacture can unlock traditional processes and expand their own horizons to make previously unachievable or simply better objects.

Many of the objects illustrated and on display contain no 3d printing themselves, however without the contribution of 3d printing, they would not have happened.

Digital making is not a making Revolution, it’s part of making Evolution.  Nobody needs to feel threatened by it.  It’s not mysterious or Science Fiction.  People who make things, just need to remain open to it’s potential as a powerful and empowering new tool.

Part of Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW). Discover more about Digits2Widgets

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