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Simply Rhino introduce the popular CAD software Rhino3D. Rhino is scalable, used in many design and manufacturing industries. Learn more about Rhino interface, commands and best practice techniques for beginning your journey into computer based 3D Design. Ideal for those interested in 3D Design, especially in the creative and manufacturing Industries. In partnership with Simply Rhino.

Simply Rhino has delivered in-house jewellery specific training and support to both partners and students of the Goldsmiths’ Centre with many classes available to the UK trade, since 2012 and the Centre’s move to the fantastic new facilities in Farringdon. This partnership has allowed Simply Rhino’s certified trainers to meet and discuss strategies with many from the UK Jewellery and other trades; from first steps into CAD to advanced 3D modelling & rendering techniques, all within the impressive facilities at the Goldsmiths’ Centre. 

A 3.5% booking fee applies on all bookings and credit card transactions. Please note that we cannot provide refunds or exchanges. 

You can also book via phone or at the reception desk at the Goldsmiths' Centre (EC1M 5AD). Please call 020 7566 7650 or email to book or for more information.