Technical Skills Programmes

It’s never too late to improve your skills working with precious metals through the right technical training. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced goldsmith, the Goldsmiths’ Centre offers high quality advice and skills training with expert tutors who all have extensive trade experience.


Short Courses

Discover our range of short courses, covering specialisms such as jewellery, silversmithing, engraving and enamelling, offered throughout the year in our state-of-the-art training workshops. Courses are limited to small numbers of participants give you the chance to receive one-to-one guidance tailored to your needs. Read more  

Undergraduate Summer School

This week-long course is open to undergraduates in their first year on a UK-based certified Precious Metal course. This intensive programme gives you the chance to learn and improve your skills in jewellery or silvermithing. Delivered by the Goldsmiths' Centre and funded by the Goldsmiths' Company. Read more 

Masterclass DVDs

For those wanting to improve their skills remotely, the Technology and Training Masterclass DVDs are a great resource of expert knowledge. They cover topics ranging from the theory and practice of hand forging to diamond setting. Funded by the Goldsmiths' Company. Read more

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