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Goldsmiths' Precious Metal Grant

For final year HND, under and postgraduates

Are you studying jewellery, silversmithing or a related subject at university? The Goldsmiths’ Precious Metal Grant offers you the opportunity to design a piece in precious metals.

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Undergraduate Summer School

For Undergraduates

Get expert guidance this summer from experienced Master craftspeople. Enhance your understanding of jewellery and silversmithing skills in your second year and future career.

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Business Growth Short Courses

For all levels and industries

Are you a self-starter or part of a bigger team? Our Business Growth short courses support you to take your business to the next level.

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Technical Short Courses

For all levels and industries

Want to continue your learning? Our short courses offer technical skills for all levels taught by expert practitioners throughout the year.

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Creative Links

For all levels and industries

Listen to high calibre speakers and creatives from across the industry. A great way to spark your imagination and cultivate your network.

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